Persuasive Writing

June 1, 2021

Now, you are a student trying to handle persuasive writing. Deny the thought to buy homework online and give it a try, we’ll help with writing with this guide. 

Example: you are that child who needs to convince his parents that he can also own a vehicle. Follow these tips to have the ability to make a persuasive essay. Your lecturer can give you the assignment to write a persuasive essay. Writing persuasive essays can be difficult for some students. There are those students who can write persuasive essays. And some will find difficulty in writing. So if you are one of those students who have problems with persuasive essays, this will help you.

It is significant to understand what you are going to write. 

Do not lose focus on your goal

Your main goal here is to find a way of convincing your audience. That you have the opinion on something and the other is wrong. Do not put yourself in these traps. 

  • The first trap is, do not just talk about something in a shallow way. Make sure you go deeply into the point. Explain the points. Do not just end up spending most of your time giving us the history of some points. That is if it is not in line with your essay.
  • Do not also complain a lot. If you feel that someone must do something about it, then convince the audience to do something.

Be mindful of your audience

Perform analysis on your audience. Make sure that you’re the format that you are using will convince the audience that your opinion is correct. If you are writing on a subject that your readers have little knowledge about, you might need to use a problem-solution format. And if the subject you are talking about – everyone knows it, use the refutation pattern format. 

Emphasize your readers

The main of your essay or your writing is to get done with the essay. But the main point is for you to convince your audience. You have to make your audience feel like they have the concern of the needs and opinions. Make sure you do not talk “at” them (audience), but you have to speak to them (audience). Look at your audience in the eyes. Make sure you convince them that you are their friend.


Make that your introduction is very credible. If you do this, you will reveal your presence in your speech. 


Examples are important.

  • Examples will help with the proving of your points. Instead of anticipating happenings, you can get an illustration where you know the incident happened. 
  • Examples give that emotional feeling to the speech.
  • They make the audience listen rather than hear a bunch of facts.


You see, this is one thing that most students do not want to do. Practice is significant when preparing a persuasive speech. Have your points ready at any time. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. So you cannot ignore this part of speech writing. Even presidents practice their speeches. Who are you not to do so? 


If you are writing a persuasive speech, make sure you select credible sources from which you can get your information. So if you’re making a speech that you think will persuade your audience, you need to do thorough research. Go through your speech with someone like a friend.

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