Pros and Cons of Hookup Apps

July 27, 2018

Nowadays, most people are constantly connected to the internet, and technology has infiltrated all aspects of our life. As such, it is not wonder that dating apps are benefiting from an insane popularity nowadays. And while some people might find it completely unromantic to use the internet to spark up their love life, the truth is that these apps have numerous benefits. Nonetheless, nothing in life is perfect, and even the best hookup app will have both advantages and disadvantages. Stay with us to learn more about these apps, and see whether or not they could be of use to you.


Ease of use – Dating apps are designed to be as easy to use as possible. All you have to do is upload a few pictures and you can start choosing between the numerous candidates in your area.

Mobility – Like all apps, dating apps can be installed on any smart device. Once installed, you only need an internet connection and you can use these apps at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Time savings – Modern people like to keep themselves busy at all times, and it can be hard for many to find time for traditional dating. However, things are a lot faster with hookup apps. Since all users are looking for the same thing, once a date is established, it is pretty clear that things will go smoothly, provided that both parties have been honest with eachother.

Affordability – Most of these apps are completely free, and while you will have to watch some adds, you should really appreciate the fact that you have the opportunity to meet so many people without investing any money. Most apps also offer the possibility of paid accounts, which come with more benefits, but most users stick to the free versions.

Variety – In real life, you are only exposed to certain types of people, based on your lifestyle and your interests. However, with a hookup app, you will be exposed to countless people, with different backgrounds and unique interests.

Anonymity – For most people, it can be very hard to be themselves and be honest about their sexual desires when talking to someone in real life. However, it can be a lot easier to be yourself when texting someone, and based on the pictures that you upload, you can be as anonymous as you want to be.

Communication – In real life, people don’t always have to time to engage in deep conversations. However, in the virtual world, there is no need for an immediate response, so people can talk for days and dig as deep as they want into the most complex subjects.

No pressure – Shy people have a very hard time with traditional dating. The fear of being rejected and the fear of speaking your mind can put a lot of pressure on most people. However, things are a lot easier when you have a conversation from the comfort of your home. And if you do get rejected, there is also the convenience of the next match that is just around the corner.


Safety – Hookup apps are trying their best to provide a high level of safety for their users. Even so, meeting a random person is always risky. Users are advised to only meet after having talked with their matches online, and to only meet in public places on the first date.

Dishonesty – Behind the safety of a screen, many people will try to create fake impressions, in the hopes of increasing their chances of hooking up. To increase the chances of a honest first impression, try hookup apps that allow you to share videos. It is a lot harder for people to pretend in videos than in pictures.

Sleazy people – The internet is full of sleazy people, and most of them use hookup apps. Not only that, but by using such an app, you might even encounter perverts and criminals. So, try to learn as much as you can about your matches, to easily filter the sleazy candidates.

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