PU Leather, Pros and Cons

January 7, 2020

The headache of choosing the best type of leather for your furniture in your home or office can be daunting. First off, you have to choose between the natural or artificial leather types. When you pick the latter, you have a lot of options, one of which includes PU leather. PU leather means polyurethane leather, and this type of leather is made from a thermoplastic polymer. PU leather has amazing features, which explains its growing poPUlarity. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of PU leather in this guide. Also, see here for a quality textile motorcycle vest.

Pros of PU leather

  • Lower prices

Getting real natural leather isn’t an easy process. Because of this struggle, it costs a lot to buy natural leather for your furniture. However, PU leather gives you a more affordable option for your furniture’s leather. The manufacturing process of PU leather is cheaper than natural leather, hence making PU leather more affordable. 

  • PU leather has waterproof qualities 

Regardless of where you have your furniture, it’s normal for water to pour on your furniture from time to time. For some leather, water can cause the leather to spoil.  Fortunately, PU leather has excellent waterproof qualities, so it doesn’t absorb water. When you buy PU leather, you can rest assured that it is not absorbing water. 

  • Great quality

If there’s anything you’ll worry about PU leather, it wouldn’t be the quality. As long as the PU leather goes through the right manufacturing procedure, it will come out with the right quality. So what you need to do is ensure you’re buying the PU leather from the right source all the time. 

  • Durability

Another interesting property about PU leather is its durability. PU leather is a product that was originally utilized by professionals in the engineering and construction industry. The professionals prefer to use this material because it is extremely durable. So when you have PU leather in your furniture, you can rest assured that it can stay long. 

  • Cleaning is easy

PU leather comes with a smooth body that doesn’t absorb water or dust. So you wouldn’t need to struggle to clean the leather at every moment. 

  • Versatility

With PU leather, you have the liberty to design in whatever color and pattern you desire. So you may have PU leather with two different designs.

Cons of PU leather

  • Fake look

Sometimes, PU leather may look like a counterfeit of itself. However, in most cases, this look depends on the design and manufacturing process.

  • It requires a lot of chemicals to produce

The production process of PU leather may be a bit easier than that of natural leather, but the materials are more sophisticated than natural leather. You’ll require a lot of petroleum products and chemicals to produce this leather type. When some producers don’t see the right chemicals, they may want to improvise, which will result in a product with a reduced quality. 

  • Plastic isn’t great for the environment

All over the world, we are trying to reduce how many plastic products are produced. There are no two reasons for this, but the decomposition time of plastic. Plastic takes centuries before it can decompose. So while PU leather has great properties, the plastic material isn’t too great for the environment.

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