Relocating? 4 Top Tips for Moving a Car Across the Country

October 15, 2018
Moving a Car

Are you moving house and not sure how to transport your vehicle cost effectively? Read these time and cost-effective tips for moving a car long distance.

You’ve folded all your clothes. You’ve wrapped your great aunt’s china plates in bubble wrap. You’ve bought you’re new home.

You’re ready to move!

But what about your car? You can’t pack that up in a box, and when you move across the country, you might not be psyched at the thought of driving multiple days to get it to your new place.

So what do you do without emptying your pockets? Moving is already expensive, you don’t want to add another huge expense to the long list.

We’re going to go over the cheapest and most efficient ways of moving a car across the country when you relocate.

Ditch It

Ditch it
This isn’t technically moving or shipping your car, but it is a viable option. Consider all of the costs it will take to move your car, change the plates, have an emissions check, new insurance for a new state, stay up-to-date with new state regulations, and the actual cost of shipping the car.

Will all of this be more expensive than simply buying a new car when you arrive?

If it is, then consider selling your car before you move. That way, you’ll have some money from selling the car, and you’ll avoid having to pay a huge amount of money just to get your car to your new destination.

Drive It Yourself

Drive It Yourself
Depending on the gas prices where you are and the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, it could make the most sense to drive the car to your new place yourself.

Some things to keep in mind, though: How much gas will it take? How many miles will this put on your car? It might not make sense to go with this option, but it can be worth it depending on the vehicle.

But, this isn’t always feasible.

It may end up being too long of a drive for you. You may have a large family or kids who can’t handle a 30-hour car trip. Or, you may have a physical impairment that doesn’t allow you to be in the car for long periods of time.

Hire a Driver

Hire a Driver
If you can’t drive the car yourself, you can hire someone else to drive the car for you. This can be risky, though. Make sure you hire someone reliable that you trust or someone through a driver service.

You don’t want anyone to steal your car.

Professional Car Shipping Company

Professional Car Shipping Company
One of the more popular options for shipping a car across the country is hiring an auto transport and shipping service. These companies specialize in shipping cars all over the country, so you’ll be sure your car is in good hands.

You can find a cheap auto transport service that’s affordable and reliable. Be sure to get a few different quotes from various companies to get the best deal.

Moving a Car Across the Country: It’s Easier Than You Think!

Moving a car across the country doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal. It can be as simple as driving there yourself or hiring a reputable company to do it for you.

Once you get to your new place, it’s time to start unpacking and unloading. Want some decor tips for your new place that will fit in your budget? Check out this article for 7 awesome places to get great decor for your new home!

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