Travel Trailer Covers for Winter

October 10, 2019

During winter vacations most people go for outings with family and they prefer travel trailers or motor homes. Its protection is important i.e., protect it from the storm, snow and rainy weather travel trailer covers for winter are the easiest and first option to go for. Among all the campers, many of you prefer the 5th wheel trailer cover for winter. This vehicle is of particular interest to retirees and pre-retirees for an average age of 58 years. For the vast majority of you (85%), the motorhome is a familiar camping vehicle.

The camper is a significant investment that involves regular and thorough maintenance. Taking care of your vehicle greatly reduces the additional costs you could spend. There are various equipment to optimize the life of your travel trailer or motorhome. The travel trailer covers for winter appears as one of the essential accessories. It protects your vehicle when it is not used for a long time, as is often the case during the winter season.

We distinguish two types of covers. The first covers the outside of the vehicle and is essential if it is parked outside during the winter. The second is an interior cover used to cover the seats. It does not meet the same requirements, but it can be very useful in some situations.

Through this article, we guide you about the importance of the cover adapted to your travel trailer or motorhome and how to select its size to protect it against the cold and bad weather.

Travel trailer cover

  • Available in different sizes
  • Light gray
  • Breathable and rot
  • resistant polypropylene – Protection against UV, scratches, rain, wind, dust, snow, bird droppings, and tree resin

Why buy travel trailer covers for winter?

The outer cover is used to protect the camper or travel trailer when it remains immobilized for a long time. The dimensions of such a vehicle make it not always easy to park in a place protected from the weather. Often, we have to leave the camper outside. In this case, the vehicle may deteriorate more quickly if it is not protected

The cover prevents the vehicle from being in direct contact with these external elements be it the sun, the cold, the rain, the frost, the hail, the humidity and even droppings of birds. Ultimately, all these factors are harmful for your travel trailer or motorhome.

To avoid having unpleasant surprises when winter is over and the good weather makes you want to hit the road, investing in a motorhome cover is far from futile. On the contrary, it is an essential purchase travel trailer covers for winter if you do not want to have a salty bill after a long period of immobility of your vehicle.

Regarding the indoor cover, it offers different advantages :

  • Protecting your seats
  • Change the appearance of seats cheaply and easily
  • Make the seats look younger
  • conceal any wear on the seats

How to choose the size of your travel trailer or motorhome cover

The size of the outer cover is logically an essential parameter. You must make your choice taking into consideration the dimensions of your vehicle. The cover must completely cover the outside of the camper or travel trailer and almost touch the floor without being in contact with it.

The dimensions of the cover are always indicated. Make sure they match the size of your vehicle. To choose the right size of cover, take the total length of your travel trailer and add a little margin. If you have an extra accessory such as a bike rack, do not forget to add it to the length of the vehicle. Do the same with height and width.

Generally, outdoor travel trailer covers meet the classes of vehicles. For each size of travel trailer, you will find a wide choice of covers. Do not hesitate to check with the builder of your travel trailer. Many brands also offer accessories including covers. In this case, it is likely that you will find the travel trailer covers for winter especially designed for your vehicle, provided that it is relatively new.

For the interior cover, the dimensions of the seats must be taken into account. The most important thing is that the cover envelops all the visible parts. Aesthetically, it is best that the cover does not float too much.

The travel trailer covers for winter are available at you can order us online or on call and the cover will be delivered to your place. We offer a lifetime warranty for a range of covers available. If you need any help in the selection of travel trailer covers for winter or you have a query just give us a call we would love to guide you on this. Happy traveling!

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