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Should I Get a Nose Job? The 5 Benefits of Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

February 5, 2020

Did you know that an estimated 70 percent of Americans are considering some type of cosmetic enhancement? Not only does an increased acceptance of such procedures make it more popular, but technological advances have allowed for more affordable and non-invasive options.

If you want to make some small changes to your nose, you might wonder, “Should I get a nose job?”

But having a surgical rhinoplasty might not appeal to you due to the high cost and painful recovery.

Luckily, you now can opt for the non-surgical alternative that involves simply injecting your nose with a liquid filler.

Read on to learn about five benefits of a non-surgical nose job to decide if it sounds right for you.

1. You’ll Have a Less Disruptive Recovery

When you get a surgical nose job, you have a long path ahead of you toward recovery with pain and inconveniences along the way.

You usually go through several days of pain, bruising, and swelling. You also have some bleeding from your nose and need to wear a dressing for up to a week. There are also side effects like a stuffy nose, numbness in the face, and mucus to worry about.

But you don’t have to worry about these effects when you get a non-surgical nose job from a practice such as the one you can read about at

Rather than dealing with prolonged pain and swelling that makes you take time off your daily activities, you can often head back to work right away! If you do have any side effects, they should be minor. The only precaution you usually need to take is to not put anything like heavy glasses on your nose for a few weeks.

2. Your Nose Will Look Natural

When you get a surgical nose job, there is no guarantee that your surgeon will give you the look intended or one that looks natural.

For example, your nose might end up looking too small or narrow for your face. You could also end up with nostrils that look pinched or even too wide. Even worse, you’re stuck with these results unless you go through the challenging surgical process again.

On the other hand, a non-surgical nose job involves injecting just small amounts of filler where needed in your nose. This gives your cosmetic surgeon a high level of control over the result. Even better, you can watch the procedure happen and guide your surgeon to give you the appearance you want.

You can also expect your nose to look natural long after the non-surgical results wear off.

3. You Can Potentially Save Money

A regular nose job involves an invasive surgery along with the anesthesia, pain medications, any testing and other costs along with it. You can also lose income from your job since you’ll usually need to wait a week or longer to be back to your usual functioning.

In fact, a surgical nose job comes at an average cost of $5,350. And worse, your insurance company probably won’t help you pay for it unless there is some medical need. This means you might need to take out a loan and pay even more interest over time.

When you opt for the non-surgical alternative, you can pay as little as $1,000 on average. While the results for this low-cost option would be temporary, you can pay more for a permanent non-surgical nose job that still tends to cost less than a surgical one.

4. The Procedure Is Very Safe and Non-Invasive

When you have a surgical nose job, your surgeon has to first put you under anesthesia and then make some cuts into your nose. This invasive procedure will involve possibly removing cartilage or bone or surgically adding cartilage to the nose for fullness. When all is done, the surgeon has to close the incision.

This complex procedure comes with risks both during and after it. These range from possible infection, poor healing, scarring, breathing problems, and discoloration. You might also respond poorly to the anesthesia or have too much bleeding during the nose surgery.

There’s a strong contrast when you get a non-surgical nose job instead.

When you make that decision, you won’t have to worry about the risks of anesthesia. Instead, you’ll be wide awake to watch your surgeon work on your nose. Rather than dealing with any cuts, the surgeon just does small injections in places of concern.

You won’t have to worry about bleeding, swelling, or scarring.

5. You Don’t Have to Live With the Results for Long

The physical changes a surgeon makes to your nose during surgery makes it harder to reverse what you don’t like. You’d have to opt for another invasive nose surgery and hope that your surgeon can give you a better appearance. But in the end, you probably won’t return exactly to your original nose.

Getting a non-surgical nose job means you usually won’t have to live too long with a result that you don’t love. The results usually last one to two years at most. At that point, you can have it redone or just be content with your natural nose.

So, if you feel self-conscious about your nose but feel anxious making a change you might regret, a temporary non-surgery nose job might be the best choice for you. If you do end up loving it, you could consider the next step and get a permanent non-surgical nose job.

So, Should I Get a Nose Job Without the Surgery?

Consider these benefits of the non-surgical option when you ask yourself, “Should I get a nose job?”

You’ll also want to consider factors like your budget and preferences for a temporary vs. permanent result. If you want something permanent, your cosmetic surgeon might recommend a regular rhinoplasty.

But if you’re not quite sure yet, a non-surgical nose job can be a good way to try a new appearance.
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