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TTDeye Top 5 Cosplay Contacts

June 17, 2020

Cosplaying is not only about the costume but also about the accessories you wear as well. Even if you’re wearing a costly costume but combined with it you’re using sub-par accessories, then the ultimate look that you so desire will not be achieved in any manner. This is the reason why having the perfect pair of colored lenses for cosplaying will add the final finishing touches to your overall outfit.

The basic rule of cosplaying is that – you have to set a budget for each of the things you’ll be buying. You cannot just spend all your money on a single item, such as the costume, right? Therefore, you need to save money for your accessories and even though you can always get a fake, cheap pair of colored contacts – risking your beautiful eyes will not be worth the investment. Such is the reason why I’ve compiled the best five cosplay contacts you can buy from TTDeye today!

TTDeye Top 5 Cosplay Contacts

1. TTDeye Zombie Curse Colored Contact Lenses

Zombies have been a regular cosplaying theme for some years now, and in case you also want to follow the same path, then you cannot avoid these set of lenses. These are recommended for both lights as well as dark-colored eyed individuals. You can even use these lenses to depict the look of ghosts, skeletons, devils, and so on. Pretty cool right? Moreover, these lenses have been FDA approved and are therefore totally safe to be used. The lenses have been made from silicone hydrogel, adding to the overall softness of the contact lenses along with keeping your eyes moisturized too. The lenses have a useful life of 12 months, and they’re incredibly comfortable to wear all day long. Besides, these lenses look indeed very natural on anyone’s eyes.

2. TTDeye Darknight Black Colored Contact Lenses

These are probably the most versatile lenses you can find among all of the available options. The reason is that – these lenses are suitable for various costumes and they look gorgeous with dark-haired individuals. You can depict major cosplaying characters while still keeping your looks natural at most – without any issues. What fascinates me the most is that these lenses can also be used to create the look of an anime character as well. Recommended for both light and dark-eyed people, these lenses have been certified by the FDA. Besides, the lenses use non-ionic raw materials for their manufacturing which allows the whole structure to be soft and allow significant amounts of oxygen to pass through the eyes. The overall use time for this lens is around 12 months.

3. TTDeye Gridding White Colored Contact Lenses

In case you want your character to stand out from the rest, then this should be your lenses of choice. These lenses are perfect for any cosplaying that revolves around eccentric characters, such as robots and the like. They will look great with a white-colored costume, and you have to, therefore, ensure that the color scheme matches the overall looks. You can still look natural with this shade of color if you can get your costume and character right. Apart from the beautiful looks, do remember that you can use them regardless of your eye color – dark or light. Besides, just like the other products on this list, these lenses are also FDA certified and have been manufactured out of silicone hydrogel materials. Your eyes will be kept moisturized throughout the day without any problems, and the lenses have a useful life of 12 months.

4. TTDeye Pure Purple Colored Contact Lenses

Even though I’m not a fan of these lenses because Violet is not a color that is naturally occurring in the human world, the color is still pretty cute and may make your costume look worthwhile. Violet eyes are no doubt an insanely mesmerizing addition to your overall spooky looks and dress. For instance, if you’re planning to cosplay Alice From Wonderland or the girl Violet from the movie Charlie From The Chocolate Factory – then this Violet colored contacts will be hugely helpful. These lenses would even be great if you’re planning to cosplay an alien as well. Besides the overall looks, you should know that these lenses are very comfortable to wear and therefore can be worn for extended periods due to their moisture retention. Apart from using it for cosplays, these lenses can also be used for parties, Halloweens, and other special events. Lastly, you can use these lenses for a maximum of 12 months.

5. TTDeye Pure Blue Colored Contact Lenses

Blue is one of the rarest eye colors in the world and therefore will be able to add a subtle mystical element to your overall looks. The best option for you would be to choose something like this lens and use a comic book or a pop-art character to cosplay as a result. You can prefer to be a villain like Harley Quinn or aim to be a beautiful mermaid – it’s all up to you and what you want to be. Since blue is a naturally occurring eye color, there’s no way that you’d hate it by any means. These lenses can be used for both dark and light-colored eyes and are entirely made from non-ionic raw materials. Such raw materials ensure that the lenses remain soft and supple, while still being comfortable and moisturizing to wear. Furthermore, you can expect these lenses to last you almost 12 months.


In simple words, topping off your cosplaying costume with a beautiful colored contact has never been this much more accessible. Just make sure that you go about the process in the right manner, i.e. selecting the one that suits your personality the most along with its added features. Frankly, it would be best if you didn’t look at all cheap out on your contacts because your health & vision are two of the essential things in your life. So, saving a few dollars here and there will be a wastage.

Ensure you stay responsible for your health, and you’ll be fine.

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