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41 Beautiful & Colorful Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup Ideas

August 31, 2016

Sugar skull Halloween Makeup is the best look for this occasion. For Halloween fanatics who prefer to be all-out ghoul with a feminist touch, a sugar skull Halloween Makeup is the perfect mixture of spooky and sweet. A flower crown and petal details give it a beautiful feminist trace. Here are some ideas given below which can certainly be followed to have the sugar skull Halloween makeup.

First of all outline the eye sockets of your skull. Map them out with the help of the nude pencil by drawing circles that go above your brows and down around your eye area. After doing this task, apply the black eyeliner pencil smolder to your waterline. It would define your eyes. It is advised to those who have thick eyebrow to use some water soluble gum on their eyebrows. It would help them flatten their brows without worry. It will also prevent from any difficulty during the painting of the eyes. Now mix up the black and purple paints. You can also mix creamy eye-shadows instead. Apply this mixture on the area you mapped out earlier.

Choose a flat brush for this purpose. Use its sides for the outlining of the circle and the flat surface for the middle and filling it out. Eye sockets are supposed to look little shadowy. Mix up the purple and pink shades and paint it over the eyes. This will add the depth and shine to your eyes. Now take some white shade cake and paint it on your whole face with the help of the little bit water. Make the intensity of it even on the entire face. For further use some transparent powder to set it. Now apply the powder blush.

Color of this blush should match your floral crown. We are using the red shade. Apply it underneath the cheekbone and up above the brow bone. It will give the perfect hollow and defined look. Then apply the very minute fraction of same blush powder on your lips to give a slight shade with the help of the eye-shadow brush. Now make an upside down U-shape on the bridge of your nose with the help of the black face paintbrush. Then follow the bend on the outside of the nose and drag it on the base of the nose.

Now fill this areas with black paint. Now it is time to give some sugary touch to your looks. Make some petals all around your eyes with any brush in whatever size you want the petals to be. Dip one side of the brush in orange color and other side in the pink color and make the petals by placing it flat on the edges of the black paint of the eye sockets.

Now apply the black shade on the inside of the lips for some depth. Afterwards draw very thin line from the corners of your lips outward and connect it in the middle at the end. Now make the teeth with the black color by drawing the vertical lines from the middle line. Make a flower at your chin and on the forehead in the same manner you made the petal on the eye socket with the black thick dot in the middle. Make pattern of the wavy shape on the both cheeks. You are done with your sugar skull Halloween makeup. Now put your floral crown and you are ready to enjoy Halloween.

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