Stay in Style: 2019 Men’s Fashion Trends

February 26, 2019

Love to stay in style? Need a new wardrobe? You will certainly not want to miss these 2019 men’s fashion trends.

In the world of fashion, you are either in, or you’re out. If you want to turn heads and stay ahead of the fashion curve, then check out these 2019 men’s fashion trends. Style changes from year to year and 2019 is turning into a major fashion powerhouse.

Are you itching for a new wardrobe or want to update your existing clothes? We’ll show you some of the top trends for men’s fashion. Not all may suit you, but there’s something on this list that will make your fashionable heart beat faster.

Don’t believe us? Check out the list for yourself.

When It Comes to Men’s Fashion Trends, Denim Is Classic

Denim has been a part of fashion for decades. Denim jeans get featured on fashion week stages every year and worn by fashion royalty every day. When you’re ready to abandon those gray sweatpants, grab some denim.

How’s denim fitting into 2019 fashion circles? It’s all about the light-wash. Men generally wear darker washes, but not anymore. Light-wash denim is as durable and versatile as it’s darker predecessor but provides a unique look.

Is That a Fanny Pack? No, It’s a Sling Bag

Guys love their backpacks and messenger bags, but a new trend is growing in 2019. Sling bags are like a standard backpack. Instead of two straps that fit around both shoulders, they feature a single strap that goes across the back.

There are also smaller versions that worn across the waist but don’t dare call it a fanny pack. Sling bags give you all the storage of a backpack, but with enough difference to stand out from the crowd.

Clashing Colors and Patterns

For decades, people drilled into us that if you want to be fashionable, then everything needed to match. It seems 2019 is all about bucking that trend. Every layer from Nike Shoes to the underwear from Box Menswear doesn’t have to match anything else.

This movement is all about rebellion and letting the clash create a look unlike any other. Clashing colors and pattering filled the catwalks of New York and Paris, and we loved it.

Hats Besides Ball Caps

Baseball caps are everywhere and won’t go away but make room in your closet for a wide variety of hats. Classic styles like bowler and boater hats are coming to stores everywhere. You’ll even find the occasional top hat for the daring fashionista willing to take a chance.

Even ball caps are getting a makeover with unique bills and shapes. Women had a monopoly on unique and crazy hats for decades. Thanks to forward-thinking designers, men can now make a statement with their headwear.

It’s a Fashion Revolution in 2019

Men’s fashion trends change from year to year, but 2019 is set to break all the rules. From sling bags to cool hats, we’re expecting a lot from designers. Don’t get caught in last year’s outfits and grab on to these exciting trends.

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