Struggling with Insomnia? 4 Creative Solutions you Must Try

September 21, 2020

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that is extremely common. It can make it hard for you to fall asleep and hard to go back to sleep if you woke up early. According to research conducted in 2018, at least 70 million Americans have a sleeping disorder. Insomnia can range from a mild disorder to a very chronic and debilitating one. A lot of factors contribute to it, such as stress, anxiety, poor sleep hygiene, bad eating habits, drug intake and even certain medication. It is important to deal with it since it can give way to multiple other disorders such as anxiety and depression. Here are a few unique ways to deal with insomnia.


Exercise is one of the most recommended activities for people suffering from insomnia. Regular exercise keeps the body fit and the mind sharp. It is easier to fall asleep at night if you have tired your body out in the day. It also releases endorphins in the body to help relieve stress and even pain. Studies have found that a light-moderate workout such as aerobics or jogging can help decrease the time it takes you to fall asleep at night. Doing such exercise for 30 minutes at least 5 times a week also affects the circadian rhythms or your body’s clock, helping you sleep soundly at night.


Since its legalization, many people have advocated for the medical benefits of marijuana. It is deemed as an effective treatment for insomnia, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and restlessness. The compounds present in a sub-type of marijuana, Indica, help promote sleep, providing relaxing and sedative effects. A study conducted in 2017 concluded that THC reduces your REM sleep, offering more time for a “deep sleep” state. Strains such as Birthday cake strain are highly recommended for relieving insomnia. Users also report feeling uplifted, happy and light.


Insomnia is mostly caused by anxiety and stress. Meditation is proven beneficial in reducing stress and as a result, can even help you sleep better. It is used as a relaxation technique, quietening the mind while increasing inner peace. You can meditate before bed in order to promote a sense of calmness in both your body and your mind. It is also proven that meditation improves control of your autonomic nervous system, resulting in a deeper state of sleep.

Sleep hygiene

Good sleep hygiene is essential for battling insomnia. It means adapting your environment and daily routines in such a way that you can set yourself up for better sleep. It is recommended to have a consistent sleeping schedule, a pre-bed routine and healthy habits throughout the day to promote a good night’s sleep. Stay away from electronics one hour before bed, do not eat or work in the same room that you sleep in, avoid caffeine and nicotine and exercise regularly.

At least 40% of people have issues with sleeping at least once in their lives. It is important to take care of yourself so that it doesn’t turn into chronic insomnia. Use these creative tips and techniques to help you deal with it and get a good night’s sleep.

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