Successful Business Industries in Chicago

September 6, 2019

There are four thriving and successful business industries in Chicago: manufacturing, transportation, information technology, and health services and technology. With a wide range of businesses under these industries, Chicago is one of the best places for business owners and entrepreneurs.


The manufacturing industry in Chicago has been thriving for years. Nearly half a million people work in this industry that caters to the demand for food, metals, and plastics.


The Chicago transportation industry is home to companies such as the Tax Air Freight and Saia LTL Freight. These transportation companies have established their central headquarters in Chicago and succeeded in their business ventures.

Information Technology

Meanwhile, the information technology industry is tagged as the Era of Technology today. It is no wonder why the IT industry thrives, regardless of where it physically resides, in terms of headquarters. The rise of social media has helped recognize information technology as a powerful tool in today’s commodities. Today, the information technology industry in Chicago has become one of the fastest-growing sectors in the entire U.S., with millions of people working under it.

Health Services

Lastly, amidst all the progress in technology in the three mentioned industries, Chicago is also home to health services and technology industry. Business ventures such as Insurance carriers, nursing care facilities, general hospitals, and med-tech companies have established themselves in Chicago. The industry continues to grow as some major health facilities also reside in the area.

Job and Business Opportunities

For U.S. citizens who are looking for job opportunities, Chicago is your chance to try out your CVs and application letters.

For entrepreneurs and business owners, you might highly consider Chicago as the next home for your business venture. Therefore, taking up an office space for rent Chicago would be perfect to start making your business dream come true.

As mentioned above, the four industries in Chicago provide a vast range of products to the market. If you are into small- or average-scale businesses within these industries, establishing your own business in Chicago is now as easy as ever.

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