The Complete Guide to Using Your Steam Iron Properly

April 4, 2020

A steam iron is a wonderful tool to have in the home. It comes in handy when stubborn wrinkles refuse to leave fabric or when you grab a shirt out of your drawer only to learn that it’s covered in lines. You don’t always have time to throw wrinkled items back through the laundry, and this is where a steam iron comes in handy.

When you need a quick wrinkle fix, grab your steam iron, steam the wrinkles out, and go! The most important step to take before steam ironing different fabrics is learning how to use a steam iron the right way. If you don’t use the steam iron correctly, you could do more damage than good.

Here’s everything you need to know!

Fill the Reservoir With Water

Before using your steam iron, you’ll need to fill the reservoir with water. Choose wisely when doing so, however. Distilled water or spring water are both good choices because neither of them will leave residue from minerals in the reservoir.

This residue can cause a lot of build-up in the reservoir, which will cause the steam iron not to work as it should. You should also only put as much water into the reservoir as needed. Even after dumping the leftover water out, there will still be water inside the reservoir, so it’s best to only put in what you’ll use.

Check Fabric for Correct Temperature

Your steam iron will have different temperature settings on it. Be sure to check the wrinkled fabric before ironing it. What’s the fabric made of?

This is essential information to know before using the iron on the fabric. Different types of fabrics require a different temperature setting and failure to pay attention to these details could cause damage to your fabrics.

The best steam iron for home use will be able to tackle wrinkles on all kinds of fabric, but you’ll need to place the temperature in the right setting first.

Use the Right Motions

You might be accustomed to believe that circular motions are the best way to iron fabric. It’s time to take that old way of thinking and toss it away! The right way to iron fabric is to use an up and down motion.

The circular motions will cause the fabric to stretch. Also, keep in mind that some fabrics are more delicate than others. For the more delicate fabrics, place a pressing cloth or handkerchief in between the iron and the fabric to reduce the risk of damage.

Drain Water Into a Sink

When done ironing, be sure to empty out any remaining water into the sink. Do this whether there’s visible water left or not.

When emptying the reservoir into the sink, do be cautious. The water will be hot so be sure not to burn yourself.

Hang Clothes Immediately

When finished ironing, you’ll want to hang your clothes or put them on immediately. This will keep them from forming wrinkles all over again. If ironing a group of fabrics all at one time, consider hanging each item up after ironing.

Learn How to Use a Steam Iron Today!

Follow these tips listed above to learn how to use a steam iron the right way! Following these tips will ensure you cause no damage to yourself or to your fabrics.

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