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The Different Types of Door Handles and Knobs Available Today

March 23, 2020

Do you want to upgrade your door handles or knobs in your home? Here are the different types of door handles and knobs available on the market today.

With the remodeling industry generating revenue of $85 billion, many homeowners seem to have a project in mind. Is your home due for an upgrade?

Homeowners spend cash on both DIY work and hiring professionals for help around the house. While you might consider big projects like landscaping and painting, there might be one small element you’re overlooking that could make a big difference.

Your door handles are one of the most often touched areas of your home. When was the last time you considered giving them an upgrade?

Let’s look at the types of door handles available. You’ll be sure to find home improvement inspiration!

Common Doorknob Shapes and Styles

There are basically two types of doorknob shapes: round and lever. Both have their pros and cons.

Lever doorknobs are elegant looking and easy to use. Most of them are reversible and can be used on the left or right side.

This type of door handle has a few downsides. Pets and children can easily get doors open and you can snag your clothes on the end.

Round doorknobs are easy to use and fit in perfectly anywhere. Kids and pets can’t open doors with round handles as easily.

If you have arthritis, a round knob might not be the easiest to use. Also, it’s easy to scrape one’s knuckles on the door frame when pushing a door open.

Locking Door Handles

Doors that open to the outside, bathroom doors, and bedroom doors can all use a bit of privacy. You need to install a doorknob that locks in these types of rooms.

Keyed entry doorknobs require a key to unlock, just as the name suggests. Use them for doors that lead outside, even the patio and garage.

You can also use them for extra privacy in the room. If you need to lock up the basement or a storage room, use a locking doorknob.

A privacy doorknob has a manual lock on one side. They’re commonly used indoors on bathrooms and bedrooms.

Got locked out? Before you Google “locksmith near me“, just use a pin or straight emergency key to undo the lock.

Passage Doorknobs

Passage and dummy doorknobs don’t lock. They’re not just decorative, though; they still serve a function.

A passage doorknob latches in place but doesn’t lock. They’re great for large closets or hallway passages.

Dummy doorknobs don’t lock, turn, or latch. They’re only in place to make a door easy to push or pull open.

You can install them on pantry doors, small closets, or French doors. You can even make them decorative, with crystal or colored glass knobs.

Find the Best Types of Door Handles

There are plenty more options when it comes to types of door handles. There are more decorative options, too.

You can choose from fancy escutcheons, doorknob finishes, decorative crystal or glass knobs, and more. Your doorways can use some flare so start renovating!

If you’re feeling inspired, we’ve got more projects for you. Check out our home decor blog section for more ideas!

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