The Most Beautiful Cities in Spain ⁠— Ranked!

April 6, 2020

Spain had over 83 million visitors in 2019, offering its guests unforgettable food, colorful culture, and beautiful sights.

Each city has a unique charm, but which one comes out on top? Which cities are the most memorable, the most breathtaking? If you’re looking to book a vacation to Spain, chances are good that you’ll want to see the best cities in Spain.

We’re here to help. Listed down below are the most beautiful cities in Spain to put on your bucket list. Keep reading to find out more about them!

9. Ourense

Nestled against the Miño River, Ourense has several beautiful bridges that cross the clear waters. These bridges date back to the Roman Era and still look as striking as they did then.

The city gets older the more you go towards the center, with the original 18th-century buildings preserved for all to see.

What makes Ourense unique is its ‘pozas’. These little hot springs bubble and froth up throughout the city and the banks of the river, giving it a warm surprise.

8. Burgos

With cobblestoned streets and cozy neighborhoods, Burgos feels like a quaint place to visit. The tall buildings found within this city are charming, but they have nothing on the star of the show.

The Gothic Cathedral of Santa María strikes a stunning figure, with lots of intricate details and beautiful stained glass. It seems to sparkle as you look upon it. Once you start looking, it’s hard to look away.

7. Córdoba

This city doesn’t only show off Spanish culture, but also has historical places such as the Cathedral Mosque and the Jewish Quarter. It’s a mix of several different cultures all mashed together and makes all of the architecture and neighborhoods unlike any other.

With the nearby river giving this city a beautiful shoreline and the arches of the Roman Bridge to accent it, Córdoba is a place no one should skip!

6. Cuenca

Found within mountains, Cuenca is a place full of medieval intrigue and narrow streets that you could get lost in. Nearby is a gorge that you’ll cross upon thin bridges.

There are even some buildings that hang right over these gorges, giving you an up-close view of the natural beauty below. There are so many types of foliage surrounding the city that nature lovers would feel right at home.

The way the city sits upon its mountainous home makes it a unique sight to see. It also makes for the perfect place to take some stunning photographs.

5. Toledo

Rich with warm tones of orange and yellow, Toledo is a city that continues to bring new life to ancient marvels. Preservation efforts have gone far in keeping this city true to its roots, and it looks all the better for it. Everywhere you look there’s something old and interesting to see.

Plus, it hosts many monuments made for all kinds of different peoples and heritages, making it the perfect place for history buffs.

4. Bilbao

If ancient ruins and history aren’t your favorites, then Bilbao is the place for you. Instead of embracing the past, Bilbao looks to the future. As soon as you step inside, you’ll feel as though you’ve transported yourself into a science fictional world.

The Guggenheim Museum alone is a modern spectacle. Made of titanium, it stands out with its clean lines and bright lights giving it pops of color. Inside is a treasure trove of modern-style art and innovation.

With so many other buildings in Bilbao sharing similarities with this metallic mammoth, you’re in for a treat no matter where you look.

3. Valencia

As one of the more notable names on our list, Valencia delivers on all of its promises. From its iconic paella to its gorgeous botanical gardens, this city has something to offer all of its visitors.

Valencia takes ancient architecture and mixes it with modern innovation. At one moment you’re looking at a place ripe with history, and the next you’re seeing something new and exciting. This meshing of these two worlds makes the entire experience enjoyable and entertaining.

While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the City of Arts and Science area!

2. Ronda

If you’re a person who loves being in the thick of nature and aren’t afraid of heights, then Ronda is a paradise. This city sits upon a tall cliff, overlooking a stunning view on all edges.

It takes a few minutes to get used to the new perspective, but that’s what makes Ronda such an interesting place to visit.

With stone architecture and nature mixed, there’s no other place quite like it. There are lots of ruins to explore as well, giving you a small taste of Spanish history firsthand. All of these things meld to make Ronda a city that should be at the top of any vacation list.

1. Barcelona

If you’re ever pondered visiting beautiful cities in Spain, then you must have heard about Barcelona. It reaches the top spot of our list because it is a rare experience that everyone should have at least once in their life.

With architectural masterpieces such as the Sagrada Familia Church, Barcelona is the clear winner in our opinion. A person could stand and stare at this one building for hours at a time and still find something new.

There is so much color and charm waiting for you in Barcelona, it’s difficult to see everything in only a single vacation. Going on exciting Barcelona tours are the best ways to ensure you get the most out of your trip to this bustling and beautiful city.

Visit the Most Beautiful Cities in Spain For a Memorable Vacation

You don’t need to go to the most beautiful city in Spain to have the best vacation. Spain is a country so full of interesting things to do and see, any city you choose will have a unique story to tell. However, picking any of the beautiful cities on this list makes certain that you’ll have the vacation of a lifetime.

When it comes time to choose the perfect vacation, why settle for less? Treat yourself and your family to something magical by visiting the
most beautiful cities in Spain.

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