The Role of Business Travel Agencies for Business Travelers

November 12, 2019

Indeed, with the growth of self-booking tools or other online travel booking sites, one might wonder why business travelers still have such a strong connection with travel consultants. The truth is, you will get a huge number of benefits when working with travel agencies that do not only offer affordable travel plans but provide travelers with exceptional customer service and support.

A right agent always manages to combine art and science to facilitate greater control and to create better travel experiences. Ask any business consultant what he/ she wants, and all would reply; value for money, prompt service, and hassle-free travel. Want to know more about their exceptional services?

In this article, we have highlighted some of the main reasons why the role of business travel consultants for business travelers is quite essential even these days.

1. Save Time and Money

Save Time and Money
One of the main reasons why travel agencies are in demand is the fact that they allow the businessmen to save their precious time and hard-earned money by offering a quick and simple booking process.

Let’s say you are busy in your travel and other work preparations, and suddenly, you came to know that your connecting flight gets canceled. You’ll get worried, right? But, if you have access to the right business travel consultant, your connecting flight will already be rescheduled, and all changes will be mailed to you on time.

On the other hand, many business people believe that an agent with the right experience can offer cheap corporate booking solutions, and will also stay vigilant of the minute details associated with travel plans to give the traveler some peace of mind. In short, travelers need not deal with automated call lines and outsourced customer centers anymore, either.

2. Discounts and perks

Business travel agencies bring enormous benefits for business travelers, such as cheap rates and discounts on flights. These benefits are simply not available to an individual and even a corporate flyer booking on his own. Simply this benefit has raised the demand of business agents and has put them in a unique place to be able to get their clients better discounts on flights.

But this isn’t the only perk convey to you. In addition to working on flights, ground transportation, hotels, and other parts of the travel industry, the right corporate travel consultant can get you access to exceptional room upgrades, flight upgrades and reduced fares for those flights, access to VIP lounge, restaurant vouchers, and A-list ground transportation. That’s all that you want?

3. Inside information

Your travel agent, with years of experience in the industry, will be able to provide you with all those inside information that is either not available or not known to the regular public. For example, this insider information includes; knowing when a flight price will drop to get you a better flight rate than you could get on your own.

Another key benefit of working with an agent is that they likely make itinerary changes without the traveler having to pay the hefty flight change fees that many big airlines charge for rebooking. Also, if you need one more day to seal your important business deal but don’t want to be charged for that, then you should seriously think about working with the best business travel agent who will be able to save you potentially thousands of dollars.

4. A Seamless Trip

A Seamless Trip
Having hired the right travel agent for your business trip is incredibly important because your responsibility lies with to have a successful trip while saving your traveling expenses. Moreover, if you have to book a flight on your own, manage connections, and to arrange your ground transportation yourself, all these things can distract you from your primary responsibility for which you are traveling.

Making a deal, selling a product, forging new contacts, or finding new partners – all you will have to manage at once so you should not be concerned with the trip issues itself.

When you work with the right business travel agencies, they take all of that stress off of you, so you be able to enjoy a seamless trip from the start to driving home.

5. Travel Agents Can Meet Specific Needs

With the right travel agency, you will have unique solutions to your particular needs. As a result, you can expect your agent to go the extra mile to handle your business travel requirements. Apart from catering to your specific business needs, a right travel agent also offers all sorts of services associated with the travel plan such as visa and passport applications, rentals and bookings, travel insurance, inoculation procedures, etc.

6. Emergencies

One of the most crucial features that your travel agent can do for you is to be vigilant and act as an emergency contact. No matter whether you are traveling domestically or abroad, emergencies can happen at any time in those areas. What will you do if you do not speak the local language of that country and have no support network? If for whatever reason, there is political upheaval or a storm on location, then you might feel frustrated and stranded. In these scenarios, your business travel agent is your lifeline. He will be able to sort things out and assist you at anytime and anywhere in the world you are.

Final thought

Having a travel agent takes the stress off of you. By all means, they’ll be able to help you and reach out to their contacts to get everything sorted out as soon as possible so you can continue your business trip without any worries. Also, by working with the right business travel agencies, what you are genuinely booking is an excellent trip with peace of mind. In short, there will always be experts who will monitor your business journey for any concerns, weather issues, travel warnings, and making adjustments accordingly.

Thank you for reading!

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