Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Parking Sweeping Service

September 12, 2019

The parking lot is the most overlooked aspect in retail or any other service industry where first impressions matter. When your customers pull into the parking lot, what they see will make an impact on how they view your company. So make sure that the area leaves a good impression.

A parking lot sweeping service is a less disruptive way of making your parking area spic and span. It’s also the cheapest investment you can make in making a good impression. While people may brush off a poorly designed parking lot, they won’t ignore the trash they find all around.

Here’s some information you probably didn’t know about parking lot sweeping services:

  1. It takes an hour to finish 1,000 slots. The service providers use dedicated parking lot sweepers to get the job done efficiently and quickly. Generally, they can finish 1,000 parking spaces in an hour or less.
  2. You schedule the best time to sweep. You have the flexibility to set the time where the sweeping service will visit the area. Typically, the service brings in the equipment after office or store hours. This means that when you open up the next day, your parking lot is already clean.
  3. They have flexible payment terms. These companies usually charge per hour. However, it would be more convenient to hire them on a retainer basis. Sign a contract where you pay them monthly to maintain your parking lot. This is the less disruptive method as you don’t have to wait for them at the end of the day to pay them for their service.
  4. They have a fleet of cleaners. Different jobs require different solutions. A good parking lot sweeping company should have a fleet of cleaners. It should include compact vacuum trucks, street sweepers, sweeper trucks, and other solutions that can clean curbs, corners, pathways, raises, and every type of concrete material.
  5. They serve as your extra ears and eyes. The parking lot is also the less secured part of the establishment. The workers of the parking lot sweeping services are required to record everything they see and pick up in the course of performing their tasks. If somebody is leaving toxic materials in your property, bladed weapons, or any other dangerous substances, you will be notified by the company.

One advantage of hiring parking lot sweepers is for insurance purposes. If you have some greasy spot in your parking lot, it could pose a risk to your customers. As you know, any injury they sustain while inside your premises is your civil liability.

You’re not only ensuring that your parking lot is clean, but you are also ensuring that your customers are safe, as well.

A clean parking lot will keep away rodents and other pests. With the pervasiveness of social media today, you can be sure that a video clip of a rat in your parking lot will go viral in a matter of minutes. It’s an expensive proposition to try to repair your reputation after a lousy PR like that.

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