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Tips on Selling Tickets or Registration For Your Events

April 15, 2020

Marketing your event to attendees is not always the easiest thing to do. Event planning on its own can already be a challenging job since you have to make sure all your preparations are set in stone. If your event relies on ticket sales or registration to generate profit, then this adds an extra layer of difficulty as you will also have to think of a marketing strategy. Without these sales, however, you may feel your preparations have gone in vain.

Over time, event marketing has become more popular than ever, and modern tools have led to several opportunities to help improve your ticket sales. Nowadays, there are several ways to diversify how you sell your tickets, and it all boils down to finding the right strategy. With the right plan and techniques, selling tickets will not be as tiresome and challenging as it once was, and you will be able to get more returns.

Offer Promotions

Customers love offers, so try to incorporate these in your ticket sales as much as you can. For example, offer group discounts to encourage people to sign up in groups. This is beneficial for you as well since you can possibly sell more tickets in a shorter time. Another possibility would be to offer early-bird discounts to avoid waiting until the last minute to sell all your tickets in a rush.

You can also offer referral codes that will grant customers a small discount if their friend or family signs up using their code. If you use email marketing regularly, you can also offer some discounts to users who have subscribed to your marketing list. These strategies may also help in customer retention since your client base will see the value of staying up-to-date with all your latest offers.

Start Selling Early

Many times, it can be challenging to decide the right time to start selling tickets. However, starting early is essential to make sure you have enough time for selling. Offer an early-bird discount for those who purchase in the first couple of weeks, or exclusively to your mailing list subscribers. You can post this on your social media platforms to encourage people to subscribe or purchase their tickets early.

Explore Other Platforms

Today, you are not limited to a single selling platform. Users have gravitated to doing their digital shopping on mobile for convenience and portability. So make sure you sell on mobile as well. You can find several tools and software, with most offering analytics, to aid in the selling. This way, you can monitor your sales each day and see whether you need to change something to encourage more people to buy.

Use Scarcity Marketing

Scarcity marketing is a popular marketing strategy that gives customers the perception of scarcity in your products. This can be employed in a variety of ways, such as limited-time offers, flash sales, limited edition products, and the like. Generally, you can create scarcity in terms of the number of tickets you sell or the timeframe in which you will sell. With this strategy, customers will feel a sense of “exclusivity” in participating in your event and get the boost to purchase.

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