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10 Best Balloons Color Combinations for a Fancy Party

March 18, 2021

No party could be complete without balloons. Whether it’s an anniversary, wedding, or birthday party, helium balloons are the perfect way to create a festive atmosphere. Feel free to use all the available options to make the venue decor brighter. Make charming bouquets out of latex balloons by tying them in bunches of several pieces. Or let them out under the ceiling to make a lovely cloud. Latex balloons of various hues and sizes evoke positive emotions.

It’s tough to settle on one shade scheme when there’s such an awesome choice on We’ll tell you in detail which tints are better to combine to make your party not only colorful but also trendy.


A white balloon is a base color. You can combine it with all balloons. The best combination is blue, red and black.  But if you want to get a bunch of assorted balloons, white balloons stand out from the crowd. Thus, it’s better not to use white balloons in a multicolored cloud.


The black air balloon is the most versatile, but they say that it eats up space. The black tint is elegant and looks lovely. This black shade goes well with orange, pink, white, red, lilac, or yellow.


Do you like bold colors? Then you can dilute red with colors such as yellow, white, brown, green, blue, and black. Compositions with red balloons become more remarkable and bright.

Gray and Silver

Gray and silver balloons also go well with a wide variety of air balloons, especially blue, pink, crimson, red, and purple. Many people are wrong when they think that gray is not a festive hue. Gray balloons give stylish and unexpected combinations. It is a powerful tool in the hands of a designer who has taste!

Dark Blue

If a party venue is decorated in the spring sky’s color and you consider adding dark air spots, you can opt for a dark blue color. This rich color will pair well with violet, blue, gray, yellow, orange, light green, and white.

Dark Purple

If you like dark colors, try to mix purple with golden, yellow, orange, gray, and mint. The mix of dark colors with light shades will look delightful.


This color is usually associated with spring greenery, but you can choose it in any season. It goes well with golden brown, orange, yellow, brown, gray, cream, black, and creamy white.


This bright color will never go out of fashion. It can easily be combined with blue, burgundy, lilac, purple, gray, and black.


If you do not want to turn your event into a princess birthday party by filling the room with pink and white balloons, your can mix your favorite pink with brown, white, light green, gray, turquoise, and gentle blue.

Classic Combination

Don’t hesitate gold, white, black and bright multicolored balloons. These combinations are versatile so that you can give them to anyone, and they will certainly always be in demand.

A classic example of a mixture is a complex of two elements, where one is the main, and the other is additional. The main component can be azure, gold, ruby. So, even if you aren’t a designer, you can combine the mentioned tints with green, carrot, purple. A brilliant combination of balloon shades allows you to combine cool and warm. The warm tones are between yellow and light pink on the color wheel. The cold ones are the rest of the table. These include indigo, green, and purple. The mix of design components is relaxing, calming, and appealing to the guests.

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