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Known as “The Little Paris”, Represented as Huge Party Hub

December 27, 2018
The little Paris

Due to years of isolation and mysterious tales of its folklore. Romania is one of the most fascinating destinations in Europe. The tourists are welcomed by the mystical Carpathian Mountains, the vampire tracks of notorious Count Dracula and the magnificent house of Nicolae Ceausescu in Bucharest that we all know as Palace of the Parliament. There are many fascinating things to witness on your visit here, but the most fascinating one might be the Bucharest nightlife. Be prepared to get in touch with Europe’s fastest growing party circle.

Permanent party euphoria

Permanent party euphoria
The most appealing subject in terms of tourist attractions this European capital has to offer are without a doubt the various possibilities for a party in Bucharest. Especially during the summer season, Romanian capital is an absolute place to go for entertainment. The new face of Bucharest has revolutionized the city’s nightlife in an unexpected way. The terraces have always been popular, but nowadays they are even more common and they are all year round, you will hardly find anyone sitting inside the bars. The best place to go almost in time for a thirsty drink is the Old town. With main streets like Strada Covac and Strada Selar, there is an endless number of terraces and pubs serving various drinks at more than affordable prices. Beers from other parts of the world are also served here, but Romanian beer is not only affordable but also uniquely tasty. The old town is also the place where some of the most prominent clubs are located. Usually more expensive and provocative than those that can be found on cities outskirts.

disco scene

The disco styles that can be found in this party stronghold are varied. Everyone who expects to dance until the morning to latest dance hits shouldn’t have any problem blending into Bucharest disco scene. You can additionally find many avenues filled with places that blast live music of any style imaginable along of course traditional Romanian sound. But, for anyone who anticipates having a karaoke night and many drinks in a small circle of friends, there are countless cozy pubs and bars to choose from that really closes their doors before 4:00 am. The best clubs in Bucharest include names like Gaia Boutique, Fabrica, and Silver Church club, which most of the visitors titled as probably the most extravagant one. Needless to say that Bucharest is stag do weekend heaven. Thousands of bachelor parties occur here annually. That alone proves the fact that a combination of low-prices and bustling party scene can be the perfect mix for the highest imaginable expectations of any partygoer.

The city is huge and sometimes take long distances to cover in order to get from one party spot to another. So plan your fun in Bucharest accordingly and you might as well enjoy many different famous clubs in just one night. The generous residents will be more than happy to help you move around and show you directions for everything you need. They will be also a great addition to your party hype since they are very fond of having fun with newcomers to their capital and not to mention those beautiful Romanian women. Every man looking for fun with these gorgeous ladies should expect to dance with them until the early hours the next day, and after that who knows what might happen between you two. They are easy-going and they show particular interest in visitors from distant cultures than their own. Therefore come for a new and exotic experience for you, or even better, be someone’s new exotic experience.

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