Top 10 Video Games for Beginners

March 23, 2022

Want to play online video games but have confusion about where to start? Are you getting confused among the plenty of games? 

Do not get stressed about these questions because every beginner faces this problem. Keep the one thing in mind that not all video games are accessible. As a beginner, you should start your video gaming journey by selecting easy games. After that, you can raise the level of video games.

Aside from that, you must know the latest released and prominent video games to make the correct choice. If you do not want to do all this research, the below-mentioned information is accurate for you. 

Here is the list of prominent 10 video games that are entirely ideal for beginners. 

Animal Crossing: New Leaf 

It is a series of one of Nintendo’s prominent games and is best for the beginning level. In this game, you will have to live in a town equipped with anthropomorphic animals. Additionally, you can chat with the players and take part in adventures. Different sorts of adventures make this game unique.


Are you a football lover? If so, you should consider Fifa15 as your first game. It has a four-player mode, which means two players in one team. To win this game, you need to learn basic moves which are not so hard. Additionally, by playing this game, your knowledge regarding sports will enhance. You can download this commendable game by clicking here too.   


If you do not like action games but relaxing ones, this game will surely live up to your expectations. However, it is not complex to play. The players will easily understand all the rules of the game. 

It would be best to control the wind because it blows the petals via air. The background sound of this game is soothing and provides a pleasant environment.

Animal Crossing 

If you always remain active on the internet, you may see many things about Animal crossing. It is one of the cutest games on the internet in which the player works on designing and exploring islands. Aside from it, you also get a chance to communicate with villagers, creating and trading items. 

Not only do you collect the items, but you also have the opportunity to interact with friends online. You can invest your leisure time by playing an animal crossing game.


Whether you are a beginner or have little knowledge about gaming, Spyro is ideal. Spyro is a cute and fiercely tiny dragon and has a friend Sparx. You will have to navigate the world by flying, swimming, and jumping to play this game. During this journey, numerous enemies come across you.

Plants vs. Zombies

It comes in the category of defense strategy game. It means you need to use different resources for creating the defense against the enemies. You will have to consider the card for arranging the playing field with various plants. 

Initially, you will not face any problem playing the game, but the level will get more complicated as time passes. There are different themes of the games. You need to research it and choose as per your opinion.


The most loving game of the player is Minecraft. Do not get influenced by others or complex videos related to it. Minecraft is an easy-to-play game that you can easily understand without any experience. Additionally, players can select their gameplay, complicated or straightforward. 

You need to collect the resources for making tools and other weapons. Further, use all these to mine extra resources for crafting items, buildings, and machines. Two different modes of the game are creative and survival.


It is a restaurant-based game where players have to complete the order, manage the staff and survive the rush. You can choose either overcooked 1 or overcooked 2; both are fantastic games. By playing this game, you will get the opportunity to use moving vehicles, space stations, etc.

The walking dead 

It is based on a prominent TV series. While playing this game, you will have to make decisions that affect the game and other characters. Additionally, this game consists of mechanics that include solving puzzles. You will easily control this game while planning. So, it is an ideal game for beginners. 

While playing this game, you may face some situations where you lose everything, but participating in the most robust character, you need to make a heart-wrenching decision. Hence, if you think you have excellent logical and decision-making skills, you can choose the game. By playing this game, your analytical skills will be enhanced too.  

Final Verdicts

So, make a list of the best games and play one by one. Aside from it, you can choose the game as per your interest. Due to it, you will enjoy the game and win the battles easily without facing any problem. 

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