Questions to Ask your Real Estate Agent When You Move to Scottsdale

November 3, 2021

There are over 115,401 houses in Scottsdale. When moving to Scottsdale az, there are many things to consider. Scottsdale is known for being a great place to be neighborly, so once you know where you’re moving to, take some time to get familiar with the city and the people. 

Make sure you ask your real estate agent all your questions before you finalize the deal. Here are five common questions to get you started.

Do You Need A Car?

Research your commute. For some, city life with no car is just fine, but before you decide on an area, you should check out how far away from work and school you’ll be.

If your commute is 20 minutes or less, you probably don’t need a car, but if it’s more than 45 minutes each way, consider adding one to your life.

What about the Weather?

It’s essential to be prepared if you’re moving to Scottsdale in the summer months. If you left your air conditioning at home or didn’t pack enough extra fans, be prepared to buy them once you get here.

Average high temperatures in Scottsdale are around 37 C. If you’re moving in the winter, consider how much snow or rain Scottsdale gets and make sure your home has a heating unit and proper insulation to ensure you don’t feel too cold in your new home. 

What Are The Schools Like?

Scottsdale is a very family-friendly area, so the quality of local schools can affect children and adults alike. If you have young children, look into how good their public school system reputation is. If you’re not sure, ask friends and family in the area.

If you’re moving to Scottsdale for your child’s education, consider how far away you want them to be from school. Some neighborhoods are within a reasonable walking distance, but others may require a car ride or bus transfer.

If you don’t have kids, it’s still good to know what the real estate market is like near schools. If there are plenty of families around with children, you can be sure that they’ll keep an eye on your parcel of land when you’re away. This added security might help you feel better about renting your place or moving to a less-populated area.

Is There A Good Train System?

The average Scottsdale bus charge for an adult is around $4. Having a car is not an option for some people; in these situations, you need to make sure there’s an excellent public transportation system in place where you’re moving.

If you live and work downtown or like to spend time at cultural events downtown, it might be worth looking into the light rail. This train is often used by locals and has many stops near popular points of interest.

What Are The Real Estate Prices Like?

The cost of living is often something people neglect to consider when moving to Scottsdale. When you’re out looking at homes, take a look around and see how much everything would cost.

There’s plenty of affordable real estate available in the area. Some of these homes are within walking distance to schools, shops, and restaurants, so your commute might be shorter than you expected. 

By asking the right questions, you can ensure that your move to Scottsdale is a smooth one, and that you don’t have any nasty surprises later on. 

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