Top Fashion Tips for Men This Summer

March 21, 2023

Summer is coming, and if you peek inside your wardrobe and despair, it might be time for a wardrobe refresh. 

If you want to keep cool in more ways than one this summer, then there are a few basics that you can put together to create an effortless, comfortable look that you can take from day to night, dress up and dress down, and beat the heat while feeling stylish and fashionable. 

To put together the perfect summer wardrobe, start with the basics.


There are two versions of a shirt that you will be wearing in the summer – something more formal, and something more casual. 

For a cool yet sophisticated shirt that is suitable for a night out or even going to work, then a simple button down is your best bet. A white long-sleeve button-down shirt will protect you from the sun, and if you stick to natural fibers like cotton, bamboo, or linen then it will help keep you cool as well. 

For something a bit more casual, a short sleeved button down or a polo is a great option, and you can try something a bit more colorful. While the full Hawaiian print might be a bit much, you can go a bit bolder with pastels or even neon if you want to be at the forefront of fashion this summer season. 

No summer wardrobe is complete without t-shirts, and you should choose a shape that suits your body. Whether this is a V-neck or a round neck, make sure that you choose something simple in design – you don’t want any huge graphic prints. 

Pants and Shorts

Jeans won’t cut it in the summer – too thick and too heavy to be comfortable. 

If you want long pants, choose a chino-style trouser. Lighter and looser than denim, if you pick a shade of beige, sand, or stone, you’ll be able to reflect much of the heat and look sophisticated too. 

Chino shorts are a preppy style staple, and as long as they are cut well, you can even get away with wearing them in a more formal situation – although probably not at work. 

Put aside the John Cena vibes and check out jean shorts. With the right shape and fit, a pair of stylish jean shorts can be a wonderfully simple addition to an outfit, adding instant style and not too much weight. Just make sure that they are not too long and baggy; you are not a wrestler, after all. 


What goes on your feet is important. 

A more formal situation will need a shoe, and you can’t go wrong with a traditional loafer. However, you can take away some of the winter vibes by choosing a different color from black – brown is a great choice, especially if you are pairing the loafers with a pair of lighter-colored chinos. 

Another instant classic is a pair of dressy sneakers. The smart casual revolution has been pairing sneakers with suits for a while, and you can now find a well-made pair of sneakers, often made of leather, that are designed to look a lot more stylish than the ones you wear for your workout. Choose a white pair for the ultimate in fashion – just make sure to keep them clean. 

If you want a simple option to slip on and off when you are having a BBQ in the yard or on the beach and flip flops just aren’t the one for you, then a pair of Birkenstock sandals are a more grown-up alternative. 


The accessories that you add to your outfit will be the finishing touches, and you need to make sure that you are choosing additions that are not only fashion-forward, but also helpful according to the weather. 

Your hat and sunglasses need to look good while keeping the sun off your face and head – and there is nothing better than a classic pair of aviators and a baseball cap.

Choose a few key staples and your summer wardrobe will be bang up to date.

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