Transform Your Premises with Automatic Sliding Doors

May 20, 2021

An automatic sliding door is essentially a style of automated door that utilizes sensors to sense when a person is about to enter or exit, then uses a pulley system to open the door quickly and smoothly and close it afterwards. There are numerous benefits to upgrading your sliding doors to the automatic variety, whether in commercial properties or personal homes, not least the aesthetic interior design quality that instantly comes from the installation. 

Automatic Sliding Doors for Homes

The benefits of introducing automatic sliding doors into your home are numerous and plentiful. Not only do they add a touch of luxury to your interior living spaces, but they are also incredibly convenient, practical, and functional. For example, automatic doors work wonderfully as patio doors when they replace the room’s wall, which backs onto the garden and is perfect for enjoying the sunset on peaceful summer evenings, whereas they are just as ideal for parties and home celebrations.

Running an energy-efficient home is a goal that a great many homeowners strive to achieve, and the installation of automatic sliding doors is a fantastic starting point, with lots of choices on design and operational procedures to make. Sliding doors are ideal when the space is tight as they do not swing inwards and outwards, thus taking up considerably less floor space in your home.

Automatic Sliding Doors for Businesses

Automatic sliding doors are an exceptionally shrewd and pragmatic choice for your business premises. They are easy to use and maintain, they can improve the aesthetic image of your property, and they afford improved security for the building as a whole. 

The convenience provided by the installation is wide-reaching to all; parents with toddlers, the elderly, people with reduced mobility, and even customers with their arms full of shopping who would otherwise struggle. In addition, automatic sliding doors contribute significantly to energy efficiency, and studies have categorically proven that they can also reduce annual cooling and heating bills. 

Autoslide equipped doors can be controlled by a touch sensor or remote control. These devices make it a lot easier and simpler to control your automatic doors, as you can set locks remotely and input different functions to control your smart doors. 

Benefits for People with Access Needs

Another benefit of automatic sliding door is also an increase in levels of hygiene. The doors require no direct contact with the user, especially if they are on a sensor, which means no germs and bacteria are spread via any door handles or surfaces that are pushed open. 

Any business that provides a service is not only legally but morally obligated to ensure every customer and employee can safely and freely access and exit the building. In addition, installing these types of doors greatly assists people with low mobility levels of freedom and independence, which are two things that every person automatically deserves and should be automatically provided. These doors are great for everyone and makes entering and exiting rooms and buildings far more convenient, which can create more goodwill towards your business.

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