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Type of Heating: How to Arrange Your Terrace?

July 10, 2020

In general, heating your terrace is a significant issue for owners of cafes, bars, hotels, or restaurants and businesses, and individuals. To create a comforting warmth on the lawn, the first thing to remember is to know the type of heating that suits your environment. Such as fire pit, you can use ethanol fire pit to arrange your terrace. It will help you to keep environment warm.

Knowing the criteria of the types of heating is the best way to make the right choice to know best outdoor heater that suites you.



The type of wall infrared patio heaters does not unnecessarily consume energy by heating the air, because only people and solid objects below and in their extension are heated.

Wall infrared heaters transform cold interior spaces into pleasant and welcoming places.

Its advantage is to be able to resist corrosion, even in humid places and at the coast, also, it harmonizes with all decorations.

Its installation can be quite low and under a cover.


There is an ecological alternative to heated parasols: the outdoor fireplace brings a little heat and a decorative side to your terrace.

The outdoor chimney is robust and of good quality; it can be characterized in black cast iron and cup-shaped.

It works either with bio-ethanol or with wood:

  • Outdoor bio-ethanol fireplace: the burner is powered by ethanol.
  • Wood-burning outdoor fireplace: powered by wood, it is covered with an oval-shaped steel cover. You can put it anywhere you want.

With this type of heating, you can enjoy a warm moment to welcome your families or friends with elegance.


To be able to enjoy it on your terrace all year round, you can opt for electric heating. This type of heat is the most efficient, as it helps keep the air warm for the long term.

Its most significant advantage is that its installation is simple, reliable, and economical compared to other types.
Therefore, you can enjoy a drink comfortably on the terrace as much as you want.


The ideal way to enjoy the outdoors in all circumstances is to live in a warm atmosphere. The gas patio heater is suitable for any terrace, be it a wooden, concrete, stone or tiled terrace.

To heat your terrace, you have to do it with a simple and beneficial method. For this, it is entirely appropriate to arrange a gas patio heater, which is more useful.


To live unique moments of magic throughout the year, opt for mobile outdoor heating. It has a power varying between 1,200 to 2,000W with its infrared system.

This outdoor heater allows you to spend pleasant moments at home. For restaurants or hotels, a warm atmosphere helps to build customer loyalty and attract new customers.

Heating on its terrace, a decorative asset

This accessory is a precious ally to enjoy a warm terrace when the temperatures are less mild. However, you should also know that it is a real decorative asset that adapts to all designs. The possibilities will depend on the type of heating you choose for your exterior.

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