Unique 50s Halloween Costumes Ideas for Women

March 4, 2019

You don’t have to go the popular way this Halloween. Think differently and look different by resorting to 50s Halloween Costumes. It’s so easy to achieve when you follow the proven tips in this post.

The Secret to Look Stunningly 50s with Your Halloween Costume

The 1950s was indeed an era of fun fashion, including the makeup, hairdo and accessories that were worn during this era. An easy way to show up as though you are from the 50s is to go for clothing items that reflect this decade and select accessories that depict the era, including the way you wear your hairdo and makeup.

Idea #1: Pick the Right Dresses

The right clothing in this case for women would be a lady-like dress. Dresses were quite popular in the 50s. These 50s dresses were usually brightly colored with floral patterns. You don’t have to look far when it comes to where to purchase 50s-styled dresses – an online costume store stocks varieties of decade clothing items for all ages and sexes.

Now, when you choose your 50s outfits, you should go for swoop, v-neck styles or dresses with colors since these were the staples in those days. It’s also important to say that this era was conservative, so revealing dresses will definitely not speak about the 50s. And, the dresses should also fall past your knees.

You should also consider going for shirtwaist dresses as these were also widely sought-after in the 50s. These dresses usually come with buttons coming all the way from the neck down to the torso, with the bottom featuring full skirt.

Idea #2: Reach Out for Sweaters

Also, when considering 50s Halloween costumes, you should embrace sweaters, especially the tight, fitted ones. Fitted sweaters were also the staple in the 50s and will make a good addition to a 50s dressing. A great pair for these types of sweaters is a bullet bra.

Idea #3: Wear the Right Kind of Skirts

Pencil skirts and full skirts were popularly worn by women in the 1950s. These skirts were worn with blouses and were the in-thing those days. So, one of the best ways to capture the fashion trend for women in this era is to embrace full skirts and pencil skirts. And, don’t forget to favor patterns that are popular in the 50s such as polka-dots, tropical patterns and brightly colored skirts.

Don’t wait any longer, rush off to online costume store to assemble your 50s Halloween costumes.

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