Vapes On a Plane: Are They Allowed?

October 21, 2018

Can You Bring a Vape On a Plane? Here Are the Rules

People that love vaping like to bring vapes with them wherever they go, but can you bring a vape on a plane? We’ll walk you through the rules in this article.

9 million American adults vape regularly. That means many of them will be wanting to carry their vape with them when they travel.

Sure, you can pack your vape when you go on the train, bus or a road trip, but can you bring a vape on a plane?

Regular air travelers know that TSA, or Transportation Security Administration, has buckled down on security since 9/11. The laws are in place to ensure that nothing like that can ever happen again.

And whether you’re traveling with family or for business or pleasure, you’ll want to know what is, and isn’t allowed.

We know you can’t smoke on a plane, but can you bring your vape? Read on to find out!

Can You Bring a Vape on a Plane?

The simple answer is yes, you can. However, your vape must be in your carry-on at all times. You cannot smoke the vape during your plane ride, just as you cannot smoke a regular cigarette.

Your vape is treated like any other battery powered device, according to TSA. They allow it in your carry on, and you won’t get stopped if they find one in your bag.

In order to prevent the vape from leaking or breaking in your carry-on, you might want to put it in a case and then place it in your bag. This is especially true if you need to put the bag in the overhead compartment. Often, space is tight up there and you don’t want another passenger’s bag slamming into your vape during a rough patch and create a problem.

Something like the Suorin Drop is also very discrete and won’t cause too many issues in your carry on. You can also visit this vape site to get some additional tips to travel safe with your vape products.

Can I Pack My Vape in My Checked Luggage?

Most often, there are items you cannot bring with you in the main cabin that can be packed in your hold luggage. These include scissors, needles for medical issues (unless you have express permission), knives and other potentially harmful objects. You can also not carry on more than a liter bag full of any liquid items (which individually must be 100ml) unless you purchased them at the airport.

But, you cannot put your vape in your hold luggage. This is because vapes have been known to catch fire. With no one in the hold to watch your luggage, a vape catching fire could create a serious and potentially fatal issue.

If you accidentally pack your vape in your hold luggage, the TSA may or may not catch it. If they do, they may throw the vape out. Most often, if they open your bag, they will leave a note to let you know they searched through your luggage.

If TSA does not search your bag, they may not be aware of your vape and you might get through without a problem. But, it is better for everyone’s safety if you take your vape as a carry-on.

Using Vapes at the Airport

Some airports, though they are getting fewer and fewer, have designated smoking areas for passengers. You cannot use your vape or e-cigarette at the airport inside, except where permitted within the airport. You should follow the same rules for smokers, as although they are different, cigarettes and vapes are often considered to be the same thing.

This means you cannot light up in the bathroom, in front of the airport entrance or on the tarmac.

Using Your Vape on the Plane

TSA is clear that although you can transport your vape on the plane, you cannot use it on the plane. This means you’ll need to ensure it is tucked away for the duration of the flight. If you must, you can remove the vape from where you packed it, as long as you do not choose to indulge in smoking.

You may not go to the bathroom to vape, either.

Although TSA makes it clear there is a large fine for smoking on planes, they haven’t stated anything concrete about what would happen if someone did vape on a plane. It is possible that the person would be treated the same as someone who is smoking a cigarette on a plane. It is also possible that the device will simply be confiscated and you’ll end up vapeless.

Tips for Traveling with a Vape

Before traveling with a vape, it is recommended that you clean it thoroughly. This is to prevent any debris or leakage from your vape getting into your carry on bag. Arriving at your destination with junk from your vape all over your stuff is a major bummer, and a terrible way to start a vacation.

Even if you store your vape in a separate bag before putting it in your carry on (which is recommended), you should still clean it. This will ensure your vape is ready for use as soon as you’re in an area that is approved for it.

Vapes on a Plane

The answer to, “Can you bring a vape on a plane?” depends on how you store it and where. Although it may seem annoying, the TSA isn’t out to kill your vibe. They just want to make sure that everyone makes it to their destination safely.

You can play your part by making sure you pack your vape correctly and only use it in designated smoking areas. After all, how embarrassing would it be if it was your vape that caused the plane to catch fire and make an emergency landing? Yikes.

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