What Are the Different Types of Shoe Horns? A Complete Guide

April 6, 2020

You can keep your shoes looking sharp and your heels feeling happy by using a shoe horn.

Sometimes, it’s a struggle to put on a pair of shoes. People have wrestled with this problem since the invention of footwear. There’s a colorful history of shoe horns from around the world.

For instance, you may intuitively jam your finger into the back of your shoes to pull them on. When you use force to put on shoes, however, you can damage them. Jamming your finger into the back of your shoes is a surefire way to stretch them out of shape.

A good shoe horn is durable and will keep your shoes and feet feeling and looking new. If you desire more information about shoe horns, you’ve come to the right place for information.

What Are Shoe Horns?

A shoe horn is a tool that creates a smooth surface, allowing you to insert your foot into footwear. It makes getting dressed faster and easier.

It’s also beneficial for your shoe. A shoe horn keeps you from permanently bending the back of your shoe inward.

Alternatively, it keeps you from permanently stretching the back of your shoe outward. What you wear on your feet says a lot about your character, especially when conducting business.

Today, stylish, quality footwear can cost a lot of money. It makes sense to protect your investment. A shoe horn is an excellent way to keep your footwear in top condition.

Shoe horns are particularly helpful for stiff-backed footwear such as women’s heels or men’s dress shoes. They’re also beneficial if your feet swell occasionally. Using a shoe horn is undoubtedly a better alternative compared to going barefoot or wearing flip-flops on a cold day.

Because of the smooth surface of a shoe horn, you don’t have to force your feet into your footwear. The smooth surface of a shoe horn benefits both you and your shoes.

Shoe horns are also beneficial for seniors. A long handle makes it easier for aging adults who may have stiff joints to slip into their shoes.

Not all shoe horns are the same. Choose the type of shoe horn that you buy based on your shoe type, your flexibility, your height and your personality.

Shoe horns come in varying sizes. A shoe horn can range from around 3.5 inches to over 30 inches.

Different Types of Shoe Horns

You may want to know the best shoe horn for you to use. Well, that depends.

Manufacturers typically make shoe horns using either metal or plastic. Plastic shoe horns are more flexible than metal ones.

There’s a plastic shoe horn that fits nearly any personality or décor. They’re available in a range of colors and styles.

On the other hand, metal shoe horns are more durable. They’re great for everyday use.

Some people sit when they put their shoes on. If this applies to you, a short shoe horn will serve you well.

Other people like to stand when they put on their footwear. Alternatively, you may change your shoes frequently.

In this case, you’d want to opt for a long handle shoe horn. A long handle shoe horn will help you avoid the need to bend when you put on your footwear.

Benefits of Shoe Horns

Over time, creases and wrinkles in leather can cause your shoes to crack. Creasing and wrinkles become especially problematic with expensive shoes.

If you’re struggling to put your shoes on, it’s a good idea to buy a shoe horn. When you do, putting your shoes on will serve as one less thing that adds stress to your day.

Unless you have something important to do, you probably wear casual footwear. Most people get in the habit of kicking off casual footwear without untying their shoes.

Sometimes, they intuitively do this with their dress shoes. If you keep a shoe horn near your better footwear, however, it will remind you to use it. A shoe horn can help you keep your footwear in mint condition.

A shoe horn will help you keep your footwear looking nice. If you abuse your shoes, they will eventually lose their aesthetic appeal.

Also, they’ll ultimately lose the ability to provide your foot with needed support.

Your foot is a delicate organ. Nearly everyone stresses or hurts their foot at some point.

Lack of support can become a big issue if you’re injured. By using a shoe horn, you can ensure that your footwear is always capable of
providing you with the support that you need.

Shoe care begins before you put your footwear on your feet. There’s a lot involved in shoe care.

Using a shoe horn is one part of an entire shoe care regiment. A shoe horn will keep your shoes looking good and your feet feeling great.

How Do I Use a Shoe Horn?

Using a shoe horn is straightforward. Begin by positioning the broad blade of the shoe horn in the heel area toward the back of your shoe.

Next, place the tip of your foot in the front of your shoe with your heel against the shoe horn blade. Now, you can apply downward pressure with your heel as you slide your foot into your shoe.

The smooth surface of the shoe horn will make it easy to put on your footwear. Once you’ve inserted your foot into the shoe, pull gently on the shoe horn to remove it.

Sometimes, a Shoe Horn Is Too Helpful!

You may think it’s a good idea to use shoe horns to put on your shoes without untying them. Don’t be this person!

It takes significant force to put on a shoe without untying it – even with the shoe horn. This pressure creates an excessive force that can damage both your shoe and your foot over time.

If you take care of your clothes, they’ll take care of you. Your wardrobe deserves the best treatment possible.

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