What Does Science Say About Weighted Blanket Therapy?

February 5, 2021

Weighted blankets are being increasingly used for deep pressure therapy and their numerous other benefits. According to scientific studies, these blankets have markedly reduced issues related to stress and anxiety. 

For those who do not want to take medication, or there are health issues from preventing them from taking pharmaceutical drugs, weighted blanket therapy can come in very useful. Here are re scientifically proven facts and benefits of weighted blankets

1. Calming Modality

Scientific studies have evaluated that weighted blankets have a calming effect on those prone to anxiety or those who have been clinically diagnosed with ADHD. Being hyperactive can be a bane, as the person feels it impossible to slow down. They burn more energy, and their body does not get the rest it deserves. 

Those who have insomnia or suffer from broken sleep patterns find it challenging to carry on through their daily activities during the daytime due to lack of adequate rest. The blankets can result in sound sleep and calm down the nerves as well. 

2. Increase in Serotonin

Lack of serotonin can affect deep sleep. The person afflicted will keep waking up throughout the night or will drift in and out of sleep, creating a tired state of mind, but never really getting the full rest. Weighted blankets result in deep pressure touch, which is scientifically known to release serotonin in the brain. That helps in calming down the autonomic nervous system. It creates a pleasurable sensation and allows the user to enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

3. Help Combat Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome or RLS is when the legs move while sleeping involuntarily, and wake the person up. It could prevent the person from falling asleep as well. Many other involuntary movements may occur in the body, or the person might toss and turn all the while awake. It has been scientifically proven that with a heavy blanket weighing down on them, the nighttime movements are significantly reduced, allowing you to have a restful sleep. 

4. Relieves Fibromyalgia and Seizures

Chronic pains can be hard to treat, and they never seem to go away. Increased dependence on painkillers can eventually take a toll on the system, and the body eventually becomes resistant to it. Other symptoms like seizures and contortions of the muscles also adversely affect the parasympathetic nervous system. With deep pressure simulation from the weighted blankets, it is possible to experience a sense of calm and well-being without being dependent on any medications. 

5. Reduces Heart Rate and Panic Disorders

A steady heart rate can prevent heart attacks and strokes by inducing a calming effect on the body. Scientific studies have shown that the heavy blankets, designed to simulate touch therapy, calm down the heart and association, reduce symptoms like panic disorders. Lack of security and a constant sense of fear can take a toll on one’s mental health as well, which the weighted blankets prevent from happening.

Weighted blankets are not merely a fad- there are benefits which have been scientifically proven, and it can enhance one’s quality of life to a great extent. 

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