What is Remy Hair?

August 23, 2018

With so many different types of hair on the market it can be hard to know whether you’re buying extensions that will shed excessively and frizz up at a moment’s notice or high quality hair that looks great and will stand the test of time.

Low quality hair looks great at first but when it comes in contact with your body heat or humidity it can puff up and become tangled. Unlike low quality hair, with proper care and maintenance, high quality hair retains its sleek and healthy appearance under just about any unfavorable condition and can look like new for a year or longer.

It takes a little research to discover that different types of hair look and feel different. Eventually you’ll learn that virgin hair extensions are the only extensions that have not been processed with chemicals no matter what people may say and you’ll learn that Remy hair that comes from one donor is the best type of hair you can buy.

But what is Remy hair?

Remy hair is a type of human hair extension that is designed to look and feel like real hair. The way Remy hair is collected and stitched onto the weft of the extensions is what sets it apart from other types of human hair extensions and makes it highly desirable for anyone who seeks only the best high quality hair.

Remy Hair is taken from a single donor

Remy hair is 100% human hair that comes from one donor. That means when the hair is collected it is only taken from one person. Hair that is taken from one person is uniform in color and texture and is typically in exceptional condition.

Remy hair is preferred over other types of hair because the hair of several donors is generally combined to create the human hair extensions that are not classified as Remy hair. When hair from several different donors is combined extensions can have an inconsistent appearance because they’re made from an assortment of different hair textures. This results in extensions that don’t look as natural as Remy hair extensions due to their inconsistent texture.

Additionally, the human hair extensions that are not classified as Remy hair are often made from a combination of good quality and poor quality hair. This mixture often creates hair extensions that don’t last as long as Remy hair.

Remy hair extensions are made differently

Remy hair extensions are made in a much different way than other human hair extensions. When non Remy hair extensions are made hair is gathered, aligned and stitched onto a weft. Unlike other types of extensions great care is taken and attention to detail given in the making of Remy extensions.
When Remy extensions are made the strands of the hair that has been gathered are carefully handled to make sure the hair’s cuticle isn’t damaged. Unlike other types of human hair extensions the individual strands of hair are placed from root to tip when Remy hair is made. When the strands of hair that have been gathered from a single donor are organized this way it aligns the cuticles of the hair so that they lay flat and lay in one direction replicating the way hair naturally grows from the scalp.
When the cuticles of the hair are left intact and aligned so they point in the same direction the amount extensions shed less, have a more natural appearance and don’t tangle or become matted.

What is virgin Remy hair?

Virgin hair is hair that has not been processed with chemicals to alter its texture or color. Hair that has been minimally processed is sometimes also considered virgin hair. Virgin Remy hair is untreated hair from a single donor that hasn’t been processed or treated with chemicals and is arranged from root to tip to ensure the cuticles of the hair flow in the same direction as your own natural hair.

Because virgin Remy hair retains the natural color it had when it was collected from the donor it looks very natural and because chemicals haven’t been used on it the texture of the hair remains the same look and feel it had originally. When virgin Remy hair is matched closely with your own natural hair color and texture it can be seamlessly integrated into your hair for an ultra natural appearance.

Why everyone loves Remy hair

High quality Remy hair is the most sought after type of human hair extension on the market because it looks more natural than other types of extensions and can maintain it’s great appearance, with good maintenance, for over a year. Because Remy extensions come from a single donor and is filled with strands of hair that have undamaged cuticles that are placed from root to tip they shed less, don’t tangle and provide a natural appearance that is unmatched by any other type of human hair extension.

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