What Qualities Should You Look for in a Business Coach?

September 13, 2019

Despite your education and skill set, you may find yourself struggling to reach your full potential. Whether it is about personal growth, improving, and achieving your professional goals, or being the best version of yourself, it is always nice to have someone who can guide you in becoming better every day.

Let’s face it; women all around the world are still facing gender disparity. Despite all that, women always push hard and excel in whichever business they put their minds into. However, the challenges for a woman doesn’t get easier- they pile up instead. What gives you leverage among men? Identifying your advantage among your competitors allows you to be on the top of your game. But how do you do that?

It is easy to hire a business coach, but finding a good business coach for women can be quite challenging. Here are 7 qualities that you should look for when hiring a business coach.

1. Experience

No one can become a coach if they do not have the right experience. Make sure to check someone’s experience on his or her resume first before hiring your soon-to-be coach. Have they walked the walk?

Getting someone who has indeed paid their dues and can speak about their experience will help you avoid committing costly mistakes and increase your potential for success.

2. Attitude

A person with a great attitude has developed such a personality with time and experience. The right coach who has been through it all will be able to share with you that a little sense of humor goes a long way in business. An ideal coach doesn’t get upset too quickly and is very persistent, patient, and determined.

3. Having the Willingness to Share

Your coach must be able to share their experiences with you, whether it’s good or bad without holding back. You will learn the most from someone if they are radically transparent with you. If you feel a sense of holding back, then, this is not a good sign.

4.Expertise in the field

Take caution if your potential coach claims to be everything. Having a long list of services can be a sign of doubt.

5. Connections

A good coach will have seasoned relationships with people who can benefit you. It is safe to ask if they are willing to open doors for you.

6. Accessibility

It is vital to establish your expectations with your coach. Asking about their availability and schedule, or commitments and projects, are some essential details that should be discussed upfront. A great coach will be willing to customize a program just for you because they know that one type of plan doesn’t suit all. They should be able to show how much they care about you by addressing your questions and concerns.

Platforms like Break2Be is an excellent platform to find yourself the best business coach for women. They provide customized leadership development programs that are designed to meet your needs.

7. Shares And Takes Part In Your Success

When things get in the way, a great coach will never let you out of their sight. Having a good relationship with your coach will develop a good bond. They will take part in your success and encourage you to reach heights.

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