What To Do If You See Mold in Your Fish Tank?

April 12, 2021

All fish tanks provide the perfect environment for different forms of airborne and submerged fungi. The water quality, tank cleanliness, decor material, filtration system, and the fish’s health add to the growth of mold spores in your pet’s living space.

You can spot mold in fish tank by checking the sides and corners for any green splotches. In most cases, you can get rid of the mold on the sides of a fish tank with a good cleaning. However, if left neglected, mold can become a severe problem. 

If you see mold in your fish tank, assemble all the cleaning tools and follow these steps to clean the aquarium.

Replace Water in the Tank

Instead of retaining the same water, if you plan to replace it with new water, drain it from the tank into a bucket. Replacing the old water in the tank helps prevent mold from returning and growing back again. 

Remove & Clean the Gravel and Decorations

Clean your hands thoroughly and make sure there are no contaminants stuck to your hand that can cause harm to your fish. If you want to clean the mold in the fish tank without changing the water, then remove the gravel and wash it separately

Scoop the gravel out slowly with your hands and wash it clean in the sink. To clean the stones, add ¼ cup of bleach to water and soak them in the solution. In ten to fifteen minutes, the bleach will disinfect the mold stuck to the gravel.

While doing this, you can simultaneously remove and clean the aquarium decorations and plants as well. Use clean paper towels to wipe down the decorations and plants. Make sure not to leave behind any nook or corner, as any mold left behind can fester as soon as you place it in the water again. 

Clean the Tank

Once you clean the decorations and rinse the gravel in hot running water to remove the bleach remnants, it is time to clean the fish tank. Scrape off any algae, mold, or other residues from the tank’s glass using a scraper. 

Use paper towels, toothbrushes, or sponge along with hot water to wipe down the sides, corners, and edges of the fish tank.

Place the Clean Gravel and Decorations Back

Before you place the decorations and gravel in the tank, you have to replace the filter cartridge and rinse the filter using hot water. Once done, refill clean water in the tank, and you can choose to add a water clarifier and a dechlorinating treatment to it. 

The water clarifier helps dissolve excess substances, which lead to the growth of mold and the dechlorinating treatment helps keep the fishes in the tank healthy and safe. If you plan to add these to the fish tank, make sure to read and follow the water treatment package’s directions while installing. 

Now replace the plants, decorations, and gravel in the water gently. Instead of dumping the stones, place handfuls of them in the bottom of the tank slowly. 

To naturally maintain the mold under control, you can also introduce algae-eating fish or suckerfish to the aquarium. As mold grows only in poorly maintained fish tanks, it is in your hands to clean the tank frequently to give the fish a healthy living environment. 

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