What to Expect From a Full Detailing Service

November 20, 2020

When you talk of car servicing, most people immediately think of mechanical fixation.

That’s obviously why most motorists are more concerned about the mechanical functioning of their vehicles as opposed to the finer details of comfort and looks. Over time, however, the car’s parts that aren’t directly linked to the moving of the car, also get damaged or degraded. The damages could be a result of environmental elements such as dirt and harsh weather conditions.

While some drivers believe that taking your car for a simple car wash is enough to take care of such things, the service misses many details since it focuses mainly on superficial cleaning. And that’s the gap car detailing seeks to fill. Just as the name suggests, it is a detailed cleaning of your car, and it’s done by professionals using special tools and products to give your car that refurbished, good-as-new look. Car detailing goes to levels that regular car wash cannot attain.

So here is what to expect from a full detailing service form the professionals;

1.  Exterior Cleaning and Polishing

Whereas a regular car wash only focuses on cleaning your car’s exterior, washing with only soap and water, a detailing service focuses on much more than that. Apart from thoroughly cleaning the car’s exterior surfaces and accents, the car’s plastic, rubber, and chrome are also protected by applying specialized coatings and waxes to prevent them from fading or cracking.

2. Paint Status

Due to harsh weather conditions, your car’s paint may rust, fade, or may chip off. Over time, grime and grease may also accumulate on the surface of the paint.

In a full detailing service, the car is exhaustively washed and hand-dried to remove the dirt. A clay bar, which is essential in the car’s detailing and cleaning, is smeared to remove the paint coating impurities, some of which may include grease, among other stubborn stains. Polishing is then done to remove any scratches and marks. It’s then waxed to give the car a shiny, bright look, making its appearance as good as new.

3. Wheels and Tyres

One can quickly notice stained wheels due to road dirt. If not dealt with early enough, the brake dust will accumulate in the tires and eat into the coating, causing mechanical troubles with time. Car detailing provides an in-depth cleaning of your wheels. The cleaning is completed using specially designed products, and the brake dust and stains removed. Protectants are then applied to shelter them from wear and tear.

4. Interior Deep Cleaning

The very first step in interior detailing is decluttering, which is the removal of any unnecessary items from the car. The mats are then removed, vacuumed, and scrubbed with brushes and shampoos, rinsed and dried. The seats are then cleaned with different products, depending on the material. Upholstery, for example, is shampooed to remove all kinds of stains, while leather seats are conditioned and scrubbed and then sealed with protectants to protect the leather from wearing out. The interior plastic and vinyl surfaces are also scrubbed to remove the grease and dirt. The car windows are cleaned and polished to ensure the driver’s view is clear.

Full car detailing affords you many things, including healthier and more comfortable rides, increased car resale value and extended car’s lifespan. That tells you that you can never go wrong with a professional car detailing service. Don’t you think it is time you took your car for that full detailing service?

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