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What’s The Worst Bed Bugs Can Do to You?

June 9, 2020

Did you know that almost 97% of pest control companies have treated bed bugs in the past year? If you have recently been dealing with these pesky unwelcome guests and are wondering “what’s the worst bed bugs can do?” you are in the right place.

Keep reading to learn more about the dangers of bed bugs.

1. Allergic Reaction

This is typically the worst problem that a few people deal with. There are some people that will have an allergic reaction to a bed bug bite. This is similar to people that are allergic to mosquito bites that cause them to itch uncontrollably.

If for some reason your allergic reaction is really bad and you feel like you can’t breathe then seek medical attention as soon as possible.

2. Insomnia

Because bed bugs are nocturnal you might wake up out of your sleep to scratch the areas that they bite. This can cause irritation and keep you from sleeping through the night. Lack of sleep over time can lead to other health issues like irritability, anxiety, depression, etc.

3. Infections

This is not common but an infection can sometimes happen. If you scratch the bite with dirty hands, the germs from your hands and nails can travel to the inside of the wound causing an infection.

Excessive scratching will raise your chances of getting an infection in the area. Make sure that you monitor your bites daily to ensure that they do not get infected. Try to control the urge to scratch as much as possible to avoid dealing with any infections.

Prevention Tips

One of the best ways to avoid dealing with any health hazards from bed bugs is to prevent them from coming into your home. If you love buying used furniture or like to go vintage shopping, inspect everything you buy really well. Bringing secondhand furniture into your home is an easy way to bring these pests inside your house.

Another prevention method is to vacuum as often as possible. Do not let dirt buildup especially around the baseboards of your home, your mattress seams, and under your bed.

If you travel a lot always inspect your hotel room. Do a thorough inspection of the sheets, the mattress, and the areas around the bed. Avoid putting your purse or luggage on top of your hotel bed just in case there is an infestation in the room.

Now You Know What’s the Worst Bed Bugs Can Do

Now that we answered the question “what’s the worst bed bugs can do?” you can have peace of mind that you are not going to be dealing with a serious health hazard. Mainly you will have to deal with their annoyance of being around but usually nothing that can land you or a family member in the emergency room.

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