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Where and How to Install Frameless Mirrors?

December 8, 2018

Modern houses are designed to provide comfort and elegance to the owners. Most owners have turned from building traditional houses due to the modern developments in architectural interior designs. Architects are careful to introduce new concepts of house planning and construction. They ensure they produce likeable and attractive designs that satisfy the needs of their customers. Interior designers also come in handy in the planning of interior spaces. The interior spaces which include bathrooms provide an opportunity for the interior designers to showcase their skills. With the help of design software in the modern technological world, both interior designers and architects can introduce accessories in the interior spaces of homes. The bathroom is an important section of a house in the modern time. Homeowners install accessories that make it easy for them to do a myriad of things within the space. However, the number of accessories that are incorporated within the bathroom are dependent on fundamental factors such as the space available, the theme within the bathroom and the prices of the specific accessories. Mirrors within the bathroom are considered essential since they help in dressing. The choice of mirrors to be used within the bathroom is dependent on some factors that must not be overlooked by both the homeowner and the interior designer. Particular steps must be observed in the selection of mirrors. For instance, when a homeowner needs a frameless mirror to complement the theme within the bathroom or to maintain an elegant look, they have to be considerate of factors as the prices, the space available and the shapes they would like for their mirrors. Installing frameless mirrors in the bathroom is a modern trend that is considered to maintain a vibrant and elegant bathroom space.

Factors To Consider Before Installing A Frameless Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom mirrors should always be regarded as fundamental accessories. When installing them, the interior designers should ensure that they do not conflict with the existing theme. Maintaining the original theme should be helpful in ensuring that the room looks comfortable and inviting to the users. Having a vibrant room allows the users to be comfortable. Frameless bathroom mirrors should be selected with a lot of meticulousness. The following are some of the essential elements that should be checked before even purchasing them.

The reflection surface

When installing any type of mirror, the primary thing that should be examined is the reflecting surface. A mirror that has a quality reflecting surface is known to last for a longer time than those with a poor, reflecting surface. Frameless mirrors should be checked for their reflection quality. Those with the best reflections make it easy for the users to utilize them within the bathroom. They also last longer which helps the homeowner to save on costs that would be incurred for the replacement of the mirrors. Additionally, such reflecting surfaces that are of great quality help to maintain an elegant and vibrant bathroom atmosphere. The reflection surface can only be inspected if the homeowner or the interior designer visits the supplier to identify the actual quality.

Shape And Design Of The Frameless Bathroom Mirrors

In contemporary bathroom designs, the shape and design of the frameless bathroom mirror greatly affect the décor. When selecting the shape of the bathroom mirrors to be installed, comprehensive research on the available shapes should be conducted by the homeowners. Ideally, the rectangular and circular shapes are the trendiest in the contemporary house designs. They are also recommended by many interior designers due to their ease of installation and the ability to maintain a perfect bathroom environment. Unlike many traditional mirrors, frameless bathroom mirrors do not need frames hanging from their edges. This, therefore, makes the shape to stand out clearly. The shapes can also be customized according to the needs of the homeowner. Besides, the interior designers may also decide to introduce complex shapes that are professionally cut. This would, however, be dependent on the preferences of the homeowner.

Available space

Availability of space within a bathroom is an essential factor that every homeowner or interior designer should consider. Frameless mirrors can be shaped to any custom designs depending on the needs of the homeowner. Ideally, large bathroom spaces are more likely to offer sufficient space to play around with the shapes of the frameless mirrors. Interior designers are more comfortable working in bathrooms that have sufficient space when installing the frameless bathroom mirrors. When space is compressed due to other accessories, it becomes challenging to install mirrors that have complex designs. Before deciding on the shape, size and design of the frameless mirror to be installed, measurements of the available space should be recorded and provided to the professionals in charge of the installation. Sometimes, overlooking the need to take exact measurements of the bathroom can lead to the installation of mirrors that do not complement the décor of the bathroom. This is a problem for many people living in contemporary homes in the 21st century. Homeowners should always take the initiative of understanding the need to provide exact measurements to the contractor so that the best alternatives of the frameless mirrors can be installed within the bathroom. Otherwise, there would be money wasted if there is no proper coordination between the contractor and the homeowner.

Location of the mirror

The essence of having any type of mirror within the bathroom is to help the users to look at themselves. The quality of the image produced by the frameless mirrors is dependent on the amount of light falling on it. Ideally, the more the light falling on the mirror, the better the quality of reflection produced. With regard to this, it is always essential to check on the position that would be best for the best reflections. Placing them on a dark spot would not only interfere with the image quality but also with the elegance and comfort of the bathroom space. Always, the interior designer should advise the homeowner on the best location to place their frameless mirrors to achieve the best outcome within the bathroom. However, it should be clear that the position the mirror should be placed would also be affected by the space and size. To overcome this, overhead lighting may be installed at the location where the mirror is installed. This would lighten up the environment and make the users comfortable when using it.

Why Frameless Bathroom Mirrors?

Most people have always assumed that framed mirrors are the best. The misconception is that the framed mirrors which have been used in many traditional houses make them look complicated and luxurious. However, the introduction of frameless bathroom mirror designs within the modern bathrooms pace has overtaken the traditional ones. There are many reasons why homeowners today prefer to install frameless mirrors within their bathrooms. The following are the primary reasons why one should opt for the frameless mirrors to the traditional framed ones.

Simple and clean

Having a clean and straightforward look within the bathroom space is what many modern homeowners are looking for. This is a dream come true that has been realized by the introduction of frameless bathroom mirrors. When installed, they are flashy and create a comfortable environment. Usually, the frameless mirrors can be compared to those that are over the top but still make the bathroom look flashy and sleek. Instead of going for the expensive mirrors that are over the top, using frameless mirrors for your bathroom can transform the space.

Suitable for any theme

Framed mirrors must match the decor of a house. When a homeowner decides to change the décor of the bathroom, they may be required to also change the framed mirrors to match the new look. This is a challenge that many people had to deal with before the introduction of frameless mirrors. Due to their simple designs, the frameless mirrors can match ay themes within the bathroom. The owner does not need to keep changing the mirror when they have a change of the theme. Isn’t this advantageous enough to install a trendy frameless bathroom mirror?

They are timeless

Creating designs depending on the existing trend in society is an interesting thing. One thing that is likable about frameless mirrors within the bathroom is that they can be easily transformed to match the trendiest designs. If the bathroom interior décor has to be changed, the frameless mirrors would be easily changed to match the trend. Compared to the framed mirrors, the latter would require that a new frame is made to accommodate the change.

Larger reflective surface

Having a large reflective surface of a mirror helps the users to have confidence and comfort when using them. The frameless bathroom mirrors offer this feature. They are popular because they lack frames which would otherwise take up space on the mirror. They have a large reflecting surface making the mirror suitable to be used for different purposes and by people of different sizes. The incorporation of frameless mirrors within the bathrooms should be adopted by modern families.

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