Women’s Snowboarding Gear: What Should I Wear?

August 7, 2019

With so many options of women’s ski gear for you to choose from, it can be a minefield when trying to find the snow gear that you need. From jackets to pants, gloves, thermals and everything else, there’s a lot of gear that needs to be considered when planning what to wear. Places like Auski have a huge variety of women’s snow gear that you can choose from both online and instore, so there will be an option for every price point and performance level.

Jackets and Pants

On a basic level, your snow gear should be waterproof and keep you comfortable while you snowboard all day. Wearing your ski jacket is also not the best idea, as snowboard jackets tend to be longer in order to keep the snow out while you sit and strap on your board. If you’re a beginner, it may be tempting to just borrow your brother or partner’s old snowboard jackets – which is fine, however, there are companies out there that design women’s snow gear specifically. Brands like Roxy and Billabong make snowboard jackets which are tailored for a female fit, with longer bottoms and slightly baggier legs on snowboard pants. Visit stores similar to Auski that stock a wide range of brands, meaning you’ll be able to find everything you need in one place.

Snowboard Boots

If there’s one thing that you should not borrow, it’s someone else’s snowboard boots! Although they don’t require as much tailoring as ski boots do, snowboard boots are still meant to fit your feet, and your feet only. Everyone’s flex, feature and fit will be different depending on what their skill level is and what they’re personally looking for. Brands can also differ when it comes to sizing and flex, so it’s always a good idea to go to a snow gear store and try on multiple pairs.

Snowboard boots should also be accompanied by snowboard socks as these are thicker. Thin socks are more likely to cause blisters.

Base Layers

Layering is super important when it comes to the cold weather. Not only this but as you snowboard, you’ll be sweating and hot, so having multiple layers that can be easily taken off is always a good idea. For your first layer, technical thermals are the best as they’re thin but will provide you with an immense amount of warmth. Merino wool works well as a moisture-wicking fabric to keep you warm if you get damp. Thermals made completely of cotton are not the best option as the sweat dries on it, making it cold.

Snowboard Accessories

Unlike regular accessories, snowboard accessories aren’t always a question of if you want to wear them or not – they’re kind of important. Gloves are always a good choice to keep your hands warm in the freezing snow. If you’re a beginner, a helmet is a must no matter what. Although it technically isn’t a hard and fast rule that you need to wear helmets when you’re snowboarding, spending a hundred or so for optimum safety is better than a serious injury.

Goggles again are strongly recommended, but they’re not essential. For the most part goggles can protect half your face and your eyes from the snow and wind, with extra technology allowing for better clarity and saturation. If you wear glasses, don’t worry. There are now goggles available which have extra room that let you wear glasses underneath your goggles.

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