Your Ultimate Guide to Online Slots

January 21, 2021

Playing online Slots can open up a world of fun, with an extensive range of classic and modern twists on the casino game. But with so many themes and types of Slots, it can seem a bit overwhelming at times. So, if you’re new to playing casino games online, or just in case you need a reminder of where to start, here’s our guide to online Slots. 

The Basics 

Playing Slots at an online casino couldn’t be simpler. Although some have extra special features, and bonus rounds, the basis of the game is always the same:

  1. Pick your slot to play
  2. Set your bet per pay-out line 
  3. Click on the button to automatically spin the reels

Each game will have all the info you need before you start playing, so take the time to read through to gain more of understanding of how any particular features work. 

It’s worth knowing how Slots work – the outcome is always completely fair due to Random Number Generators (RNG). This computer software makes sure that each result of the spin is completely random and not influenced by any other factor, making it impossible to rig it or cheat. 

If you know the basics of how to play, and have read all the relevant information about the slot, it’s time to choose which one to play. This is all about finding the slot that suits you best – whether that’s the theme of the game, the game that has most appealing graphics, or something a bit more classic based on a retro fruit machine. It could even be the bonuses the game offers or the chance to win a progressive jackpot prize that you’re looking for. One good thing about online casinos is that you will have plenty of Slots to choose from. 

Slot RTP 

It’s good to know about the Return to Player (RTP) percentage when playing Slots. The RTP is a calculation that represents the average pay-out expected from that game over a certain number of spins. It’s also a percentage that can help players work out a numerical value for the house edge of each slot.  

In theory, the higher the RTP, the more likely you are going to win back your stake. A game with a RTP above 95% is a good choice for those looking for the highest RTP Slots, with the idea that there will be a pay-out of 0.95 for every 1.00 wagered. However, it is important to remember that is does not guarantee you’ll win more times than that of a game with a lower RTP. 

Symbols and Pay-outs

All Slots work on the basis that landing a certain combination of symbols will determine the pay-out you will receive. With online casinos, the huge variety of games available means that the number of reels, rows and pay-lines can be different for each game – but the main principle remains the same. Always look through the pay-out table provided on the game’s info page so you know what to expect when you’re playing that slot. 

You’ll find that majority of Slots feature low value and high value symbols, as well as bonus symbols. The low value symbols are usually represented by the card symbols A, J, Q and K. The high value symbols are designed in a way to match the game’s theme and as the name suggests, give you the highest pay-out. Wild and scatter symbols add extra features and trigger free spins or chances to win more prizes. With some Slots, there are even special mini rounds and side games that make the game even more fun to play. 

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