4 Practical 80s Fashion Tips for Girls

October 15, 2018
80s Fashion Tips

Whether you just want to look like 80s girl with your dressing or attend 80s themed party, you will find practical tips right here to achieve 80s fashion in a stunning manner. The best part is that you can use today’s fashion items to dress like the 80s without necessarily going for vintage clothing items.

Start by learning the best way to put your 80s clothing fashion items together. Subsequently, you can be sure of creating a memorable 80s costume.

Tip #1: Pair the Right 80s Clothing Items

Pair the Right 80s Clothing Items

One of the easiest way to look 80s with today’s clothing items is to learn how to pair your clothing items. For instance, you should pair a miniskirt with brightly colored spandex or leggings.

For your upper part, you should put on mesh shirt, a tube top or a half shirt that reveals your midriff. Wear a jacket over your tube top or mesh shirt. If you prefer a typical casual look, you should wear a tube top under an over sized button-down shirt.

Tip #2: Know How to Apply Your Makeup

80s Make up look

To look like an 80s girl with your 80s fashion, you need to wear colorful eye shadow, making the shade heavier than usual. Go ahead and exaggerate with the bright colored eye-shadow. Finish with blush on your cheeks and pop your eyes with fake eyelashes.

Tip #3: Wear 80s Hairstyle

Wear 80s Hairstyle

80s hairstyle for girls was mostly ponytail of different kinds. You can go for a high sideways ponytail. If you want to make a really wild 80s hair fashion statement, you should crimp and fluff your hair up using your fingers. Alternatively, use comb to tease your hair.

Tip #4: Use the Right Accessories

Use the Right Accessories

When it comes to mimicking 80s fashion with your accessories, don’t hold back at all! Go for really bold and odd-shaped dangling earrings, beaded necklaces, and bold bangles on both wrists.

Go ahead and try out these practical 80s fashion tips.

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