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4 Reasons to Install an Automatic Gate

October 10, 2022

Automatic gates, aka electric gates make it easier to control and maintain gate security. However, convenience is not the only reason why they are so popular among homeowners. As to what the other reasons might be, let’s find out.

Physical Security

So, how do automatic gates improve security? First and foremost, it’s an additional, sturdy barrier that stands between the outside world your door(s). As a physical barrier of sturdier nature than the average entry door, the gate will make it much harder for robbers to break through all the barriers and enter.

Although it’s not impossible, the amount of time and effort it would take for burglars to break in should be daunting enough to deter most assailants. Even if the burglars are a particularly persistent bunch, that extra gate will provide residents/witnesses more time to call the police for help and provide the responding officers with more time to get there.


Large steel or iron gates can certainly add more physical security, whether they are electric or not. However, it would not at all be practical if people needed to open and close the heavy gates manually every time. Automatic gates, on the other hand, are opened and closed by hydraulic machines at the press of a single button. In fact, modern automated gates do not even need anyone to press that button.

A combination of pressure, motion, and ID detection technology allows people with the right clearance to enter without a hitch, and without the need for manual intervention. If you have a home, office, apartment building, or commercial facility in the Lone Star State, give Texas Gate Repair a call. They handle all commercial and residential jobs related to regular gate installation, electric gate installation, existing automatic gate repair, gate servicing, etc.

Remote Security

Electric gates are designed to be compatible with surveillance cameras and video intercom systems. Advanced security features such as those are now almost a default requirement for improving security outside commercial facilities, large houses, and residential complexes. However, automatic gates also serve another, more exclusive function.

An entire building or complex can be put on lockdown from a remote location to either prevent intruders from coming in, or to stop them from escaping. If there’s provision for automatic gates and doors inside the building as well, the gates could be locked or unlocked remotely to trap the intruders or keep them from breaking into high security sections.

Automation for Productivity

Not that automated gate functions do not benefit residents living in an apartment building, but as far as productivity is concerned, we need to look at the commercial applications of automated gate systems. For example, a warehouse facility is a commercial building that needs security, but it must also account for productivity. Vehicles will go in and out of the facility all day long.

A fast and automatic gate control system will drastically lower the time needed to open and close electric gates every time. Now, powerful as the robotic arms are, all that heavy lifting and sliding can wear them out over time. Therefore, automated gate parts must be checked, serviced, and repaired regularly by professional gate companies to maintain your electric gate’s speed and agility.

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