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4 Reasons Why White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Will Stay Trending in 2023

May 3, 2023

Loved for their premium features, including exceptional functionality, simplicity, and low price point, shaker cabinets are timeless cabinetry designs. Whereas the shaker design is ancient, it is a top trend in contemporary design. 

If you want to know what is so special about shaker-styled cabinetries, continue reading this article. With a close look at white shaker kitchen cabinets, we will review the reasons why these cabinet designs will stay trending in 2023. 

History of White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

The Shaker cabinet design was invented in the early 1800s by the shaker community, a religious community in 19th-century Manchester, England that later established settlements in America. During and after the civil war, the members of this community manufactured different kinds of household furniture but their cabinet designs are what stood out.

From the 18th century until the present time, shaker cabinets have been a basic feature of many homes. Celebrated for their simple but unique craftsmanship, these cabinets ideally stand out as nothing less than great works of art. White shaker kitchen cabinets, in particular, are the most popular designs among shaker cabinet varieties. 

The Popularity of White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Explained 

As explained above, shaker cabinets have been popular for years. The following are the reasons for their unbeaten admiration. 

Simplicity in Design

For your information, shaker-styled cabinet designs can fit in all types of interiors, from traditional to contemporary fashioned interiors. This is all because of their simplistic designs, whose highlights are fully overlay 5-piece doors with recessed panels, concealed drawers, clean lines, and minimal ornamentation. 

White, the traditional finish of shaker-styled cupboards, is a simple tone that can blend with very many colors. This explains why white shaker kitchen cabinets look good in both classic and contemporary interiors. 


From classic to modern and contemporary designs, shaker kitchen cabinets are manufactured in a myriad of design varieties. Because of their wide range of varieties, homeowners who choose these cabinet designs have multiple options to choose from when making purchases. 

Regardless of the visual appearance of your pantry, you can find white shaker kitchen cabinets that are perfect for it, thanks to the versatility of the shaker brand. If you decide to shift the outlook of your kitchen from one design to the other, say traditional to modern, you may not have to buy new cabinetry designs. 

Considering the versatility of shaker kitchen cabinets, you will find a design that aligns with your new design. 

Pristine Visual Beauty

Apart from their simplicity and versatility in design, shaker cupboards are an attraction to many homeowners because of their wonderful looks. From black to white shaker kitchen cabinets, varieties of these cupboard designs are typically defined by their pristine beauty. 

Shaker cabinet doors are the highlight of the visual attractiveness of shaker cupboards. You can find them in wood or glass slabs, all of which look cool with their full overlay construction and flat recessed centre panels. 

4 Reasons Why White Shaker Cabinets Will Stay Trending in 2023

Great Newer Designs are Coming Out

Whereas you might be quick to dismiss shaker cupboards as vintage designs, their classic style has been renovated and given a uniquely modern appeal. This 2023, designers are unleashing great new shaker cupboard designs. 

These cabinets are defined not by simplicity but by sophistication, from styling to shape and ornamentation. You should see varieties with white hues. From crisp matte to fresh and cream white, newer versions of white shaker kitchen cabinets are a sight worth seeing, thanks to their clean and luxurious appearance. 

Natural Wood is Trending

There’s no way you can mention shaker-styled cupboards without mentioning natural wood. Almost all types of shaker cabinets are marked by hardwood finishes. Now that natural wood is trending in interior design, the popularity of shaker cupboards is expected to skyrocket. 

Therefore, furniture designers are now manufacturing shaker cupboards using different types of wood, including cherry, hickory, teak, oak, and maple. White shaker kitchen cabinets are, therefore, more likely to continue trending as their versatility enhances in terms of material properties. 

Everyone is in Search of Durable Cabinet Designs

With the harsh economic reality of the contemporary world, modern homeowners want nothing but durable commodities in different areas of life, including interior décor. Because almost all varieties of shaker cabinets are cut from wood, these cabinets are more likely to continue trending based on the proven durability of natural wood. 

Hence, soon, you are more likely to see shaker cupboards at the top of the list of trending cabinetry designs since everyone is going for cabinets with natural wood material. 

Functionality is Key in Contemporary Interior Design

In contemporary interior design, the functionality of interior decoration elements is held in high esteem. Considering the ease of working with shaker cabinet designs, we can confidently assume that white shaker kitchen cabinets will stay trending in 2023. 

These drawers are not just functional in terms of hiding forms of dirt like dust and scratch spots but also in terms of styling. While they are very easy to clean and maintain, white shaker cabinets can blend well with different materials and colors, and so, can fit in different interiors. 

Are White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets a Good Idea?

As top trending cabinet designs, white shaker cabinets are generally exceptional ideas in modern interior design. Shaker cabinets also stand out as perfect based on their functionality and favourable price point. They are wonderful design ideas if you view them from the perspective of the ease of working with them, for example, cleaning and styling them. 

In terms of versatility, shaker cabinets are nothing but great design ideas. Considering the multiplicity of their design varieties, you will have more than one design option to pick from if you decide to buy shaker cabinets. From material to color and styling features, white shaker kitchen cabinets are coming out with varying design features. 

Final Thoughts

Widely considered as timeless furniture designs, white shaker kitchen cabinets feature in the list of top trending cabinet designs this 2023. They are coming out with premium features, including natural wood material, sophisticated accessories, and simple designs. Therefore, if you want to swiftly and seamlessly transform the outlook of your kitchen, you need to know that you can leverage white shaker cabinetry designs for the outlook you want.

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