5 Terrific Things You Should Know Before You Travel to Sri Lanka

April 8, 2020

In 2019, Sri Lanka was the number one travel destination. That’s the verdict of the travel guide, Lonely Planet. Despite recent troubles, it looks like it’s bouncing back.

Thinking of a visit to Sri Lanka anytime soon? If so, you need to read these tips. Read on to learn what you need to know before you travel to Sri Lanka.

1. Safety in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is pretty safe for travelers and visitors. It’s advisable to exercise some caution as you would in any vacation destination.
The United States issued a level 2 travel advisory in June 2019 following terrorist incidents. This might cause some concern but it is only the same level as both France and the United Kingdom where there has also been some terrorist activity.

The civil war in Sri Lanka ended in 2009. Political and civil unrest occasionally flares up. It’s important to be aware of the recent history of this conflict and to be sensitive to that when talking to local people about their lives, their political opinions, and the civil war.

2. Getting Around in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a developing country. Transport infrastructure is developing so you can’t expect travel arrangements to be like they are at home. These differences can be part of the charm of travel in Sri Lanka.

One way of getting around is to rent a car. You will need both your driving license from home and an international driving permit to do this. Traffic can be very busy and the regulations are strictly applied.

You may prefer a tour or even a private driver. This can be a good way to see the country and it allows you to look around rather than having to concentrate on negotiating the traffic or potholes. Tour guides usually speak good English.

Trains are a cheap and effective way of getting around. Buses are very cheap but you might find the driving rather scary. The tuk-tuks are fun for short journeys but negotiate the price before you travel.

3. Friendliness of the Sri Lankan People

Sri Lankans have a reputation for friendliness. Expect plenty of smiles. Locals are generally appreciative of visitors and want to please.

It’s important to Sri Lankans that tourists keep coming. Tourism is an important contribution to the economy. Your money makes a difference
to the economy and a cash tip for locals who are providing service is very much appreciated.

4. Eat the Local Food

A visit to Sri Lanka is a culinary adventure that is very rewarding. Ingredients such as seafood, spices, fresh fruit, and exotic local vegetables are tasty and much better value than trying to eat foods from home.

The locals eat with their right hand using their thumb, index, and middle finger to pick up their food. Wash your hands before and after eating. Try it for the full Sri Lankan eating experience.

5. Animal Magic Everywhere

A visit to Sri Lanka is a great opportunity to see wildlife. Visit a national park for a unique elephant encounter.

Even a visit to the beach might be an opportunity to see dolphins. Take a swim or go snorkeling to see exotic fish. Read more here about Sri Lanka’s beaches.

There’s More to Discover in Sri Lanka

Learning about Sri Lanka before your visit can help you get the most from it. No matter how much research you do, there’ll be more to discover. Sri Lanka has a great deal to offer.

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