5 Traditional Men’s Military Haircuts to Get Inspired

March 12, 2018

When a soldier takes an oath that creates an ambiance as if every single thing he is wearing also announce the oath along with the soldier. The uniform he wears, the hairstyle he has, the hand he lifts, everything seems to be in unison. This spirit of the military personnel has been inspiring thousands of young minds all these years around the globe. And, guys have a special soft corner for the military haircut. We are here to satisfy your hunger for the best coiffure that soldiers swear by.

Men’s Military Haircuts to Get Inspired

Most of the military haircuts are short and the pattern doesn’t change much in terms of extreme styling. The haircut is simple and decent as the soldiers have to report to their superiors at regular interval. There is no room to try a fancy haircut or keep it long. But, one can style his hair as per men’s military haircuts by following the haircuts given below.

#1. The Crew Cut

This is the most prominent military haircut that is followed by every military force across the globe. This is a hairstyle with a flat top and relatively clean edges. The side of the head will be tapered and faded to a shorter length. But the top will have some hair that can rock any party at any time. This is the signature style for the military personnel.

#2. High and Tight

The high and tight is another famous military haircut. It has some similarities with the crew cut. This is the most common in the military forces of the USA. This is actually a variant of the crew cut. The hair of the sides and back of the head is shaved very closely which refers to the ‘Tight’ part of the name. And, the top will have noticeable hair which refers to the ‘High’ part of its name.

#3. Butch and Burr

This is the even haircut where the hair of every side, back, and top of the head will be cut to the same length. There will be no tapering on the upper side of the head in this haircut. But the marginal hair will be tapered into the short or semi-short hair. A butch and burr haircut is almost same, they vary I term of the length of the hair on top.

#4. The Regulation Cut

If you are searching for a longer army haircut, this is the right fit for you. The top part of the head is trimmed down to a moderate length. Then the sides and back are tapered off as per one’s wish. You can taper it off completely to the skin or keep it long if you want. But, the hair must have well-guided look. The hair must follow one direction instead of going in many directions. It can produce a stunning look if designed to perfection.

#5. The Ivy League Cut

This is just the longer version of the crew cut. In a crew cut, the hair is cut to shorter length on the sides and back. But, you can keep it moderately long while having the ivy-league cut. This haircut is very simple to have but can make you look more attractive and manly.

Before going for any particular haircut, make sure that the haircut suits your face and personality. Not every haircut is compatible with the look of every individual. So, put the styles into effect and change them if you don’t get the desired outcome.

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