How To Choose The Right Barber

September 5, 2019

Traditional barbershop has become a thing of the past as we now see many unisex salon and salon chains cropping up here and there. This poses the risk of not having a regular barber attending to one’s cut. Going to the unisex salon is tantamount to having different hair cuts every time you visit the salon and this may be disastrous in maintaining a unique personality or creating your identity. 

Having the right barber attending to your hair will ensure that all the contour, shapes, and textures of your hair are taken to consideration during the cut. This will also ensure that your barber is familiar with what works best for you and fit you more. 

Choosing the right barber shouldn’t be a Herculean task but it may pose a few challenges as many traditional barbers have become obscure and hard to find. But with the following few tips, it would be easy for you to choose the right barber. 

Ask For Recommendations

If you are new in a town or aren’t satisfied with the job of your current barber situation, the best thing to do is ask for recommendations from those you know around. Most especially enquire from people who always enjoy and seem to have a good haircut, there is a great probability that they have a good barber and will be more than willing to recommend him to you. You can also search online or check through the website of those recommended names to see what they have in stock. To search online, you can make you of the following search formats “men’s grooming in Atown” or “barbershop in Atown” (Atown being the name of the city or town you are currently residing in). I recommend you should get a haircut today at Scout’s Barbershop.

Look For Confidence In The Man 

A good barber will welcome you with a firm handshake, smile, and a look into your eyes when you enter his shop for the first time. This will tell if he is confident in his ability or not. Also, you will like a barber who will confidently tell you what would work best for you from your requests, face shape, and structure. 

The first sign of knowing a whack barber is doing what the customer wants even if the customer’s request will look like crap. A good barber will have the necessary experience and confidence to offer cogent opinions and suggestions for a better haircut other than what the customer want. But if the customer insists, then a good barber will do his job as per the customer’s request. 

Check How Groomed The Barber Look

By their look, we shall know them. If you notice the barber has a crummy haircut and shave, there is a high tendency that he gives just that. A good barber must take how he looks seriously as he is in the business of helping others uplift the look personally and professionally.  

Check Out The Shop Cleanliness

If at a mere glance inside the shop makes your head itch, please walk away from such a barbershop. The cleanliness of the shop will reflect in your haircut. Good barber pays attention to details and as such, he will ensure his environment is tidy, tools kept in their proper place, shop organized, and in the correct order. 

Check If The Barber Ask Relevant Questions

You need to trust your hair to someone who can give you your desired haircut. You must check if the barber asks questions about what style you want and not relying on guard numbers or posters on the wall. 

A good barber will want to know what your expectations are and how you want your haircut to look like, this way they will be in a better position to give you styling options that best suits your hairstyle.

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