Care for Your Hair: 5 Quick Fixes for Greasy Hair & an Oily Scalp

May 26, 2020

What makes your hair so oily and what can you do to fix it? We take on all your big questions in this informative article about greasy hair and its causes.

Are you tired of dealing with your oily hair? Are you at a loss with how to fix the greasy hair look that you’re sporting?
The key is to not necessarily fix the oily hair but to learn how to make it work for your style.

In fact, there are many different ways to treat your oily hair and come up with a new hair-do that will cause people’s heads to turn.

Below are several ways to prevent greasy hair, treat it, and make it work for your individual style and swagger. Be sure to consider all these options as you determine which course of action to take.

1. Purchase a Hair Cleansing Cream

When it comes to preventing greasy hair, the name of the game becomes making your hair wash treatment last as long as possible.

Believe it or not, your oily hair is a good thing! It shows that your hair is healthy and active. Because of that, you don’t want to constantly wash the oil away. That can lead to the hair falling out at a faster pace.

Still, it’s nice to have the periodic cleansing of those minerals so that your hair can start anew every few days.

For that reason, you’ll want to invest in a hair cleansing cream. It works in combination with your shampoo and conditioner to wipe things from your hair such as iron, copper, and the cumulation of hair products you use.

2. Your Conditioner is the Key

The conditioner that you use will play a vital part in helping your oily hair keep its looks.

Many people with oily hair feel as if they need to either wash their hair every day or wash their hair only once a week. Which one is correct? Neither.

As previously mentioned, the natural oils in your hair are essential for their health. So washing your hair every day would deprive your hair of the oils it needs.

However, waiting only once a week can lead to your hair building up too much grease and product inside of it. Not only will it look bad, but it will also start to smell bad as well.

Your conditioner is the real secret to success. People with oily hair types should use it more often.

Try to wait 2 or 3 days to apply shampoo to your hair, but using conditioner as you see fit. If using it every day works best for you, then so be it!

3. Pull off a Modern Perm!

When someone says the word “perm”, many people think back to their grandmas getting a traditional perm with curls as tight as can be.

However, the modern twist on perm hair will lead to a healthier and more structured look for your style. Better yet, there are many different varieties of perms that you can receive.

So… what is a perm anyway? The term is actually short for “permanent”, in reference to the longevity of the process.

It includes both a physical and chemical stage to ensure that the perm stays in place over the next few months.

Today’s hairstylists are much more conscientious of the process and how to select the right perm rods for the job. Using different sizes can help you achieve curlier hair and a healthier look.

If you’re dealing with straight and greasy hair every day, then it might be good to receive a perm treatment and have curlier hair for the next few months. You’re sure to receive a plethora of compliments.

4. Use Sulfate-Free Shampoos

The largest detriment to your hair care routine is probably the shampoo that you clean it with.

Many shampoos contain sulfate, which completely dries out all of the essential oils from your hair.

Because your hair needs those oils, your body will naturally begin to compensate for the expected dry-out that your shampoo causes. How? By producing even more oil than before.

The oily hair that you’re now experiencing might just be the cultivation of years using a sulfate shampoo.

To curb that trend, invest in a sulfate-free shampoo. These shampoos help you to clean your hair without wiping the oil away. It focuses on reducing the product build-up in your hair and any minerals that are in too large of quantities.

5. Stop Touching Your Hair

There’s a modern dilemma that’s taking the world by storm: people love running their hands through their hair.

While it’s okay for the occasional “touch up” while you’re out on the town, you generally want to avoid touching your hair at all costs.

Your hands are used for practically every task during your day. Things such as typing on the keyboard, lifting, grabbing, and working out can cause the oil and dirt to pile up on your hands rather quickly.

When you touch your hair, you’re placing those germs and oils inside your hair, leading to an even bigger build-up of oils.

Try to catch yourself whenever you start to play with your hair or run your fingers through it. Set a rule to shape it in the morning and not touch it until you go to bed that night.

Turn That Greasy Hair into an Advantage!

Your greasy hair isn’t a disadvantage. It’s an opportunity for you to prioritize your hair care routine and come up with a different style that you can work with!

Be sure to consider all the different ways that you might be adding to your oily hair dilemma, then make rectifications to stop them.

Make sure to browse our website for more articles on hair care, as well as many other helpful articles!

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