CBD Oil for Hair Loss and Growth

April 21, 2020


CBD is one of the many cannabidiols present in the hemp plant. It is a substance that has been used for medicinal purposes for many years, since it has a large number of amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals.

Among the benefits that CBD oil brings to to the table is the fact that it helps to strengthen the scalp, promoting the growth of stronger and thicker hair strands, which translates into faster growth.

The properties of CBD are so advantageous for hair that some hair care products are now using CBD in their products to promote healthier and stronger hair.

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 How is CBD beneficial for hair?

CBD’s properties have made it a go to for so many different types of products which now includes hair products.

Even though there are few studies on it, the results obtained when using it topically have shown that it strengthens the scalp and fibres.

It is mainly due to the number of amino acids that make up the proteins present in CBD, which has the ability to offer more strength to hair follicles.

In addition, its moisturizing property prevents dryness and breakage of hair strands, especially during winter. This property has the advantage that it helps prevent friction that also causes damage to the hair.

CBD oil has vitamins such as C and E and A. It also has minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium.

Other highly nutritious components for hair are Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9, and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), a conjugation of substances that help promote healthy and strong hair growth. Thus, you can incorporate essential oils readily available in cbd shop miami.

Even those with scalp problems like dermatitis and psoriasis often benefit from CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties.

How to use CBD for hair?

CBD can be useful for hair in the form of an oil, which is mixed with a substance that works as a vehicle, be it olive oil, CBD oil derived from hemp flower, or rose oil, among others.

Masks of these mixtures are applied from the scalp to the ends, leaving it to absorb for a few hours and then rinsing with water and your usual shampoo and conditioner.

This type of treatment can be done once or twice a week to achieve adequate hydration and nutrition for your hair, which improves its appearance over time.

Is CBD right for treating hair loss?

It depends on each case and the origin of the hair loss.

For example, when it comes to a physical problem (not caused by stress), the scalp is usually contaminated with toxins that inflame the cells, preventing hair from growing healthy and strong, causing hair to fall out quickly.

Since CBD has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties, it also acts as a nutritional substance thanks to the number of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals it contains.

It means that CBD is not a product that will miraculously make baldness disappear. Still, it does help to nourish the scalp when it is affected, thanks to the fact that it has the property to promote cellular regeneration on a capillary scale.

The oil made from cannabis can penetrate hair tissues very well, thus improving blood circulation and the absorption of nutrients it brings to the hair, giving it shine and a very healthy appearance.

Is CBD right for controlling hair oil?

As CBD helps reduce hair inflammation and keeps the scalp clean, it also can help us control the production of fat in the hair, considering that it hydrates it but does not cause the production of sebum that causes oily hair.

What are CBD hair products on the market?

Today in the cosmetic market, various hair care products contain a specific dose of CBD. Among them are:

  • Shampoo
  • Softener
  • Capillary serums
  • Moisturizing masks
  • Hair gel
  • CBD oil

Every product has different formulas, so it is necessary to choose the one that best suits your hair.

Benefits of Hemp for Hair

Both hair and skin can have benefits of using hemp contained products.

Other highly nutritious components for hair are Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9, and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), a conjugation of substances that help promote healthy and strong hair growth. Thus, you can incorporate essential oils readily available in cbd shop miami.

Moisturizes and Nourishes the Scalp

Some components of hemp, such as gamma-linolenic acid, are hydrating, thus helping to combat dryness of the scalp and hair strands. Therefore, it helps to eliminate dandruff and other hair problems naturally.

Condition Hair

The oil extracted from hemp is rich in vitamin E, which is why it helps and drives the process of cell regeneration. This nutrient, together with the fatty acids, provides excellent nutrition to the hair, which is why it is an ideal conditioner. For this, you can add a few drops in the shampoo.

Boosts Hair Growth

The fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that hemp possesses promote hair growth, making it ideal for obtaining long and healthy hair.

 Strengthens Hair

The proteins, vitamins, and minerals that cannabis has helped to repair hair damage, thus rebuilding the affected strands and giving them back the elasticity necessary to stay healthy and strong.

Cannabis Benefits for the Skin

Some cosmetic products for the skin also contain a specific dose of CBD, thus providing some advantages, including:

Fights Acne

The anti-inflammatory property of hemp, together with the cannabinoids it contains, makes this plant help to minimize the effects of acne. Products created based on CBD can be used that adapt to each person’s skin style.

Boosts Skin Protection

All the cannabinoids in hemp have moisturizing oils that help keep the skin’s protective barrier in good condition, since they promote the cell regeneration process, giving it a healthy appearance.

Prevents Premature Aging

Hemp use usually causes tissue ageing as a side effect, which is reflected in the skin.

Cannabis oil can be used topically to combat it, thus achieving hydration of the skin. Also, its antioxidant properties help nourish it and prevent loss of elasticity and firmness, as well as the appearance of wrinkles on the face and neck.

Relieves Skin Inflammation

The anti-inflammatory and moisturizing property of cannabis oil is ideal for alleviating the symptoms of skin conditions such as itching, rashes, eczema, or psoriasis while nourishing all affected tissues.

Of course, topical use is best suited to provide excellent external nutrition to the scalp and skin, especially that of the face.

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