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6 Great Reasons for a Homeowner to Invest in Hybrid Flooring

October 18, 2023

Looking to improve the aesthetics and functionality of the home is something owners continually strive for. While maintaining the exterior will provide strength and security while adding value, most of the time the occupants will be indoors and want to be surrounded by comfort and somewhere they enjoy spending their downtime.

New furnishings are one way to go about adding comfort, as is adjusting, and adding new décor. However, a huge improvement can be made by those who decide to do something about the most used part of the home by purchasing hybrid flooring which will prove to be a fantastic addition for the following 6 reasons.

  1. The innovative new style of waterproof flooring creates an improved floating floor as it takes the best attributes from both vinyl and laminate floors. An immediate benefit is its waterproof qualities, which means that any spillages can be quickly cleaned up without any lasting damage. It is ideal for all rooms, except the bathroom.
  2. The composite core board that forms the bottom layer provides stability with the acoustic backing guarantees that sound resonance is reduced while foot comfort is improved, which is something everyone will appreciate after a tiring day at work or play as they unwind. It has quickly become popular across Sydney thanks to its affordability while looking stylish. Perhaps the homeowner may consider composite decking to provide a sustainable choice for outdoors.
  3. The good news for all those in the vicinity of the NSW capital is that there is a team waiting to install the flooring as well as supplying it with the best prices. Being offered a wide range of styles and colours means that it can fit into existing setups without any extra costs, while the floor embraces technology to provide high levels of durability and value for money.
  4. Solid or engineered floors are far more costly than the hybrid alternative, which also comes already with the acoustic base which means that there is no extra expense required for the purchase of underlay. 
  5. Further money is saved thanks to the durability of the floor. It is highly resilient as it is made to withstand damage from scratches, dents, or stains. Maintenance costs drop as does the need for repairs, which makes it an outstanding surface for those with pets or youngsters who love playing on the floor but can easily cause damage to other decks with their toys. Kitchens can benefit as dropped cans or equipment won’t cause damage. Those looking to relax after a visit to a local aquatic centre will also appreciate it.
  6. Cleaning a hybrid floor is quick and easy with wet mops and vacuuming usually doing the job. Monthly cleaning will keep the floor in great condition for years to come, although those employing it for commercial use might need a more regular spruce up.

Hybrid floors are an affordable and easy to maintain solution for anyone looking to install a new stylish surface inside the home.

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