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Are You Buying a Granite Sink? Here are Some Common Points to Consider

February 19, 2020

If you know it already, a granite sink usually tends to be a composite material that contains a blend of granite and acrylic resin. For modern and upscale kitchens, they remain to be the topmost priority. The reasons why people prefer granite sinks are quite obvious. You cannot afford to not talk about their unique luxurious appeal enhanced by the uniformity of the colored surface. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, finishes, radius, and colors, these leave you spoilt for a choice. Most people go gaga over their overall style in particular. Anyway, when it comes to choosing a specific shade, homeowners give more preference to white, brown, and black.

When you renovate your kitchen, you can also imagine buying the best granite kitchen sink for your cooking area. It will not be challenging to find a preferred model in this. However, make sure you purchase it from a branded store only for product warranty and quality. After all, this material can be expensive compared to others, and it’s not worth taking unnecessary risks. As far as choices go, there is no doubt you will find something to suit your taste. However, remember one thing that even when your selection is right, you might not be able to enjoy its full benefit if you ignore certain aspects.

Let’s discuss them quickly so that you don’t have to face any disappointment with one of your prized choices.

Sink installation

The different types of configurations allow you to find the best match for your kitchen in granite sinks. However, to make sure you derive all the benefits of this choice, you need to be careful with where you install it for some practical reasons. Some homeowners don’t pay much heed and end up placing it near the cooktop. As a result, dishwashing liquid or dirty water keeps splashing into their food, which is not at all hygienic. So, avoid this situation.

Some people place their granite sinks beside the fridge or wall without realizing that it can obstruct their washing tasks. Hence, you also need to take care that it doesn’t happen so.

Then, some kitchens feature a low hanging cabinet. If you fix your sink there, it will be a problem for you to do your dishes there. Handling utensils can feel like a task. And if you have good height, you may have to bend more for the job. It can be troublesome for your back.

However, if you desire, you can get it fixed under a wide window. Just ensure that there is adequate space for storing driers on the cabinet. Also, it would help if you checked the position of the faucet so that it doesn’t hurt while opening or shutting the window panes.

Readymade holes

You can expect to avail of three choices with granite sinks. You can look for mounting holes done by the manufacturing company. Or, you can search for a model that has no holes but allows you to punch and sand at your preferred location. Or, you may choose a sink that doesn’t have holes and any provision for such space. But they have specific drilling pattern, though. Since any DIY solution can be a risk, it’s better to ignore those options. Otherwise, if anything goes wrong, you can end up chipping its edges. For this, you may not even get any warranty also.

Choice of countertops

The combination of countertop and kitchen sink makes for a perfect view in the kitchen. Everyone who enters your cooking area tends to notice these two elements first. Hence, choosing everything with proper care is crucial. If your kitchen has a stone or granite worktop, you can choose between a drop-in and undermount granite sinks. If the countertop has a laminated surface, it will help if you didn’t select the undermount sink model. It can ruin the surface with water. A similar challenge can be with the wooden surface until it is made of oak or teak wood. These wooden materials tend to demonstrate more tolerance for moisture.

Anyway, with these materials also, you need to practice some regular habits, such as cleaning stains as soon as possible so that the wooden surface does not swell and become deformed.

Sink color

You also have to be particular about the color of your sink. What you see online and what it turns out to be in reality can be different. So, before you choose any shade, make sure to double-check your choice. It will help you avoid any disappointment later.

Kitchen faucet

The utility of a kitchen sink depends on the type of tap you select for it as a companion. The traditional designs mostly featured two taps, one for running hot water and another one for cold. You could fit them to the sink directly, or walls or the countertops. But these options were not comfortable because of the low positioned spout. Handling large pots used to be very difficult. These designs can still be around. So, beware of what you choose. Make sure you pick something with a decent height. Also, it should give you easy access to water without making you lean too much.

Some specialized kitchen sink stores offer amazing choices in pull-out and pull-down faucets. You can check their inventory for an idea.

Sink maintenance

If you pick a dark-hued sink color, you may have to face the problem of staining. It can occur due to the high amount of scale in the water. To avoid dealing with this issue, you need to clean your sink with dishwashing liquid and dry cloth regularly. If you notice that large stains have formed on the surface due to negligence, you should resort to sponge and bleach for getting rid of them. It should help your purpose. Make sure to use a dry cloth in the end to absorb all the wetness.

So, if you desire to make your granite sink the best choice in real terms, then keep these things in mind. It will enable you to enjoy the maximum benefits of having one of the most sought-after features in your kitchen.

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