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How to Fix an Older Water Pump – What You Need To Do When It Stops Working!

July 30, 2020

Your water pump is an important piece of kit, However, it is often taken for granted, simply working as and when you need it. Regular servicing helps to maintain the life of your pump, resulting in an old pump that will eventually stop working.

The question is whether you attempt to fix it or invest in one of the latest submersible pumps on offer.

Fixing an old water pump means identifying the issue. There are several common reasons for your pump to stop working:

Lack Of Power

Your pump may have no power to it, meaning that it can’t do its job. You’ll need to check your circuit breakers. If the pump one has tripped try resetting it. This may solve the issue or it may trip again.

If that’s the case you’ll need to identify whether there is a problem with the breaker, the circuit, or the pump itself. It’s worth noting that the pump may have its own fuse that has blown.

If the electrical issue is with the pump you’ll have to investigate it further. If it’s with your house electrics you may prefer to get a professional in to help.

Pump Control Switch/Box

The witch on your pump can burn out over time, this is a mixture of use and corrosion. A switch that has burned out will not tell the pump to turn on or may provide an intermittent response. The best way of testing this part of your system is to use a voltage meter.

You’ll probably be able to see any burned out parts, the question will be whether you can replace them individually or not. A box over 10 years old is likely cheaper to replace. This is usually an easier option as you simply disconnect the old box and plugin the new one.

The Pressure Switch

The pressure switch ensures the pressure in your pipes is right, not too high or too low. Dirt or a buildup of minerals can prevent the switch from working properly.

You’ll need to clean the switch and check the pressure on both sides. If there is a significant difference you will want to replace the switch.

Check Wiring

Visually check all the wiring you can see. Pay particular attention to any areas where cables have been spliced together. This is the most likely place to have an issue such as corrosion or the cables simply separating.

Bad connections drop the voltage to the pump, preventing it from working properly. Redoing the connections will make a dramatic difference.

Replace The Pump

If you can’t find anything wrong with your water pump its time to consider that it is simply old and past it’s best. This is when you should consider replacing the pump with a new one. There are a lot of possibilities when looking at new pumps, choose the one that best suits your flow needs, space available, and budget.

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