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Beauty Training Courses in London for Tattoo Removal & Hair Removal

April 30, 2019

When Is It A Good Option?

We offer a huge range of courses here at Ray Cochrane Beauty School, and amongst these is the ability to learn how to successfully and safely perform laser hair removal treatments. But if you are a potential client, you may be wondering when exactly is it best, or most recommended, to receive laser hair removal yourself. That is what we will be discussing today.

Bearing in mind that it may take more than one session, perhaps as many as four or five, spaced a good four-to-six weeks apart, then you should seriously consider the time of year that you undergo the treatment very carefully. If you have a summer holiday planned, and you want to look your very best for the occasion, perhaps the early spring would be a good time to go in and have it done, assuming of course you are medically cleared beforehand. Alternatively, it could be that you pick a quieter time of year such as September to have the first treatment, meaning that it will be wrapped up as you head into the festive season.

It is also worth considering at which point in your life it would be best to undergo laser hair removal. If you are in your early 20s, ask yourself: do you really need to have it done? Alternatively, once you pass your 50s, you may be at a point of satisfaction where you wonder whether the long-term benefits of having the treatment will really provide you with any major confidence boost. Dr. Vikram an aesthetic doctor and founder of a skin clinic called Clinicat Liverpool pointed that it tends to be those in their 30s and 40s that are most frequently requesting the treatments, given that they are looking to change their appearance at a point when they have put up with the hair for long enough, but at a time when they will fully appreciate and feel the benefits of having laser hair removal or tattoo removal treatment. When training for this course whether its microbladding or contouring you need top notch equipment which are integrated to the institution infrastructure. Intecho building automation who were voted commercial KNX installer of the year are the best in the business. You can view their services by visiting for equipment installation quote.

And then there is the question of whether you truly need it. The first time that you get a little down about your hair is not necessarily the correct time to suddenly jump into booking a treatment. But if you let it get to the point where it becomes a daily distraction, might it feel like it would be too much hassle to have it all removed via the attention of lasers? As with your age, moderation and balance are key, so we recommend to recognise that it is becoming a real issue before enquiring about a treatment, but to not let the problem escalate to the point where you are second-guessing if you have left it too late or not.

We reiterate, though, that whenever you decide to book a laser hair removal treatment, our team of highly-qualified and fully-trained therapists will take care of you in the best way, and have you looking and feeling fresher and better than ever upon completion. Find out more on our website by going to

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