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Bed Bug Signs: How to Spot and Destroy Bed Bugs in Your Home

March 17, 2020

Did you know that a healthy female bedbug can lay 500 eggs in her lifetime? “I love bedbugs,” said no one ever. Are you worried that you might have bed bugs in your home? We are here to help you look for the common bed bug signs to help you take action right away.

Keep reading for the most common bed bug signs and some treatment options.

Bed Bug Signs

There are a few things you want to keep an eye out for if you have a feeling that your home has been infested with bed bugs. If you see any bloodstains on your pillowcases or on your sheets, it might be a sign that they are hanging out in your mattress.

Look out for any rusty or dark spots on your sheets or on your mattresses. These can be bedbug excrements you are seeing. Also, keep an eye out for any skin shells or molted skin left on your mattress.

Another way to spot bed bugs is with your own skin. If you suddenly have itchy or burning bites it can be happening at nighttime thanks to bedbugs. If you see any straight lines on your body with multiple bites, this might be from these pesky bugs as well.

How to Treat Bites

Now that you know the signs to keep an eye out for, you want to tackle the problem as quickly as possible if, in fact, you have an infestation. If you have been bitten and the bites are infected or you have a severe allergic reaction, make sure to see a dermatologist to treat your bites correctly.
You can use water and soap to wash the bites as soon as you notice them avoid them from getting infected.

Time to Destroy the Bed Bugs

Contacting a professional is typically the quickest and easiest way to remove bed bugs from your home. They are actually difficult to get rid of because they are pretty resilient animals. They definitely do not do well in heat which means that washing everything in hot water and drying in the dryer will help get rid of many of them.

If you have any eggs on your mattress though you can have the whole cycle start again. If it’s time to get a new mattress you might opt for this option or hire a pro to come do a professional heat treatment.
If your couches are fabric and become infested then contacting someone like https://www.samedayrubbishremoval.com.au/Couches-Sofas-Lounges-Disposal.php might be the best option instead of opting for couch treatments. Sometimes a new purchase is better and less of a headache.

Ready to Tackle Those Bed Bugs?

Now that you are familiar with the bed bug signs to keep an eye out for, are you ready to tackle those little pests? No one wants these unwelcomed guests in their homes, let alone sleeping in their beds.
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