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Bring Style to Your Living Room with Solid Wood Cabinets

February 18, 2019

The pricelessness of well-crafted wooden furniture is something many families can attest to. When handcrafted furniture is properly cared for and passed down from grandparent to parent to grandchild, the family gets to cherish an heirloom that’s unlike anything else in their home. If you’re looking for the perfect way to upgrade your living room, in order to make it more stylish, then consider adding a set of handcrafted solid wood cabinets.

Lasting Value

Cherry wood tables and oak chairs may lose polish over time, but with the right care their strength and poise will endure in homes for ages. There’s a bit of history in each piece, a story carved out in part by each member of the family that passes it on, so it’s no wonder many families seek out beautifully crafted pieces for their homes.

Not all quality furniture comes from ancestors; when you know manufacturers who still possess the skills required to create furniture as beautiful and well-made as those in the past, you can get custom wood furniture handmade today that reflects the styles of heirloom pieces and is built to last.

Better Quality

There are many downsides to do-it-yourself kits purchased from big-box companies. Vital screws and nails could be missing, holes could be drilled into the wrong limb, and after painstakingly putting the piece together it could fall apart the second someone leans on it. Of course, the biggest problem is the inferior materials used, such as pressboard wood. These economy kits don’t create a lasting set of furniture for the home, so many choose to get custom wood furniture for better quality and durability.


Wood is a renewable resource, which produces zero waste. In a time when the environment is a hot topic across the globe, encouraging the use of resources people can easily sustain and maintain for years to come is good, green thinking. Instead of a multitude of plastics and non-biodegradable products going into the earth and causing a number of issues, crafting with wood and getting rid of the leftover chips and sawdust seems the safer option.

A Versatile Option

The benefits to wood furniture, aside from their long-lasting durability, include versatility. Do-it-yourself kits are sometimes difficult to match with other pieces of furniture, creating a tacky juxtaposition of the cheaply-made versus the handmade. This problem is eliminated with real solid wood, since a set of maple cabinets will seamlessly blend in to match with any wooden chairs and tables.

Wooden furniture has the added benefit of appearing charming and eliciting memories of a nostalgic time of carpenters handcrafting pieces with love and care. In short, real solid wood furniture makes a house feel like a home, while keeping with the elegant style so valued by modern day consumers.

Easy Care and Maintenance

Another benefit to solid wood cabinets is easy maintenance. A simple wipe down with a good furnishing spray or liquid substance can keep wooden furniture looking as new as the day as it was purchased. In many cases, it’s recommended that wooden furniture merely be dusted and spills be cleaned up with wet microfiber cloths.

There’s really no way to go wrong when you make the decision to get custom wood cabinets for your living room. Solid wood cabinets provide style, while remaining an economic and long-lasting option.



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